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Friday, April 28, 2006

Here we go again....

Unfortunately Christi's counts have dropped rapidly.
ANC . 11
white .5
hgb. 9.8
platelets 22

Dr. Maris wants Christi in Philadelphia NOW. I have made the decision that she should continue in school today even though there is some mysterious illness that is spreading rapidly around the school and her platelets are approaching a dangerously low level. The reason is that she desparately wants to attend her Abor Day program at the park and be with her class for some other activities today. She has been denied so much I am willing to take this risk to have her live a good day. It is better to live one day like a lion than a life as a lamb.

Remind me to not regret this decision if it proves to be wrong.

Angela and Christi will finish the day out then drive to Columbus. At 8:30 they fly to Philadelphia. They should land at 9:30pm after that the plan is fluid. If she develops a fever she will go directly to the ER otherwise they are getting a hotel room near the airport.



At 28/4/06 9:47 AM, Blogger Allie said...

I'm sure that can't be an easy thing to do, deciding whether to let Christi participate with her arbor day thing, or fly off to the hospital. No matter what the outcome, i think you made the right choice. I couldn't agree more with the whole "It is better to live one day like a lion than a life as a lamb." I couldn't have said it more perfect myself.

I hope she has a fun time today!

At 28/4/06 9:48 AM, Blogger momangel92 said...

Thomas Team, We are praying for safe travel & no fever.
God's many blessings & lots of love, Traci (norwalk)

At 28/4/06 10:43 AM, Blogger harrypottersbiggestfan said...

Wow, talk about stress - I cannot imagine what you are going through. I pray she at least makes it off the plane without spiking that fever or throwing up from the school bug, I'm sure you'll all be relieved when she arrives in Philly. Love and prayers for you all and thank you for the updates for all the people who are following your journey. I know you'll never know many of us, but your family is in our hearts and prayers now and in the future.

At 28/4/06 10:53 AM, Blogger Amy said...

Christi has been so strong throughout all of this and being able to be with her friends at all of the activities today will probably give her the extra boost she needs to help her through the next week of low blood counts. I don't think anyone should disagree with your decision-you know your daughter best and are enabling her to enjoy life and getting her to Philadelphia all at the same time.

Many prayers for a safe journey and that Christi continues to be fever-free!

At 28/4/06 12:01 PM, Blogger The Rae Family said...

What a terrible thing that a parent even has to think about such decisions. Be at peace with your decision, I think most of us would do the same thing.

At 28/4/06 12:59 PM, Blogger Lisa said...

No matter what please never regret your decision to put Quality of life over everything else now and then. Obviously the best thing for our children would be to put them in a bubble and keep them as safe as we can and that is very tempting considering our ability to protect our little Cancer kids is very limited. It takes a lot of strength to make the choices we make every day!!!

Lisa (Mom of Eden)

At 28/4/06 3:37 PM, Blogger Angela said...

Dear Thomas Team,
I hope Christi didn't catch the bug at school! I'm sure you are right, she should live one day like a lion. It is wonderful to see all the photo's with her big smile and to hear that she is enjoying herself, that is so important for her and for you. You will be able to look back on happy times with her and remember that Christi enjoyed happy times even when she was ill. Hopefully Christi will be looking back on those times with you.
I guess she is on her way to Philly by now, I pray that all goes well there and that her counts soon come back up.
Thinking and praying for dear Christi and all your family
Lots of love,

At 28/4/06 3:52 PM, Blogger sharon shields said...

So sorry for you all not getting your weekend together,I wish you both a safe and speedy journey,I will be praying for no fever for Christi.

At 28/4/06 6:27 PM, Blogger thonmom06 said...

I believe with have to follow your heart and your gut. We're praying that Christi will continue to be free of fever and that she will be protected from all germs. Have a safe trip in to Philly...I'm just a phone call away if you need something. xoxo

At 28/4/06 8:10 PM, Blogger Cheryl Scott said...

Hello to the Thomas Team:

It's been such a joy to read the most recent posts and see photos of Christi looking so good with that beautiful "Thomas" smile.

I hope that Christi had a wonderful day at school, that she enjoyed her Arbor Day celebration at the park, and made it off to Philly without any challenges or worries.

Your prayer warriors understand how difficult these decisions must be and how you must balance Christ's medical needs with the need to experience all the joy and fun of an almost 9 year old! It's truly heartbreaking and I just wish you didn't have to make these kinds of decisions in the first place!

We will continue to pray vigilantly for Christi's strength in this horrific battle. And, we embrace your family with love, hope, and peace. Go, Christi!

Cheryl Scott

At 28/4/06 8:28 PM, Blogger California Friend said...

Not that what I think makes a difference (:-) but I agree 100% that Christi should DEFINITELY be a part of her Arbor Day program at school!! If nothing else, I think it will help her to be more mentally able to face the coming treatments. And, Shayne, no matter what, always know that you guys have NEVER made a wrong decision as far as Christi goes, and that includes THIS one!! Here's hoping for the best though!!

Love & hugs from CA,

At 28/4/06 10:07 PM, Blogger jodieandkarlie said...

We hope "the girls" arrived in Philidelphia safe and sound and that they are at a hotel relaxing because Christi is fever free!


ps any suggestions on what to send Christi for her Birthday would be greatly appreciated!!! We want to do something.

At 29/4/06 1:57 AM, Blogger Spring said...

Please let us know when Christi and Angela arrive in Philly and how things go tonight. Praying here.



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