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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

As I sit here at our computer, it takes me back to the fall of 2006. Just as Christi's shoes and book bag sat in the hallway beside the door for so long until I got up the courage to moved them, Shayla's now sit in that exact same location. It's kind of odd, freaky actually! Thankfully, Shayla will actually walk back in here in a few days. I am looking forward to that! I just wish Christi would walk through that door too!

(PIC: Christi & Shayla, Winter 2005) So far we've received just over eight inches of snow over the past 15 hours. It is gorgeous! It just seems quite strange to be home from school, on a snow day, without anyone here with me. Shayla is having a grand time with her grandparents where they have been super busy and she was happy to learn that she didn't miss TAG (talented and gifted) class as it meets all day, every Wednesday. Because of TAG, Wednesday is her favorite day of the week. She's going to go crazy over all this snow!

(PICTURE: Shayla spent TWO days with her grandparents at Busch Gardens! I vividly remember them taking the three of us gals there too. Great memories! I just can't put my hands on the pictures right now, hmmmmm!) Although I'm getting a lot of school and dissertation work done, I'm quite anxious for Shayla to return back home. One night this week we just sat at the kitchen table, noting how quiet it was and how we had nothing to do, no where to run Shayla. After a long pause, Shayne asked with a most serious look, "Should we adopt a baby from China?" It was the funniest thing! I told him if we didn't have Shayla, I'd be very interested, but she'll be home this weekend! Instead of starting an adoption process, we curled up on the couch and watched a movie another "angel" parent sent us to make us laugh. We did!

Today I'll continue reading "Twilight" and one of my sweet students asked me if I intended to read the next book in the series and when I said, "yes", she offered to lend me her copy of the next book. Earlier this year, I lent her one so I didn't feel bad about taking her book home. My students are the best! And to a certain student I adore, who reads this blog and brings up "items" from it in perhaps a weak attempt to try to get me off task (sorry about your luck), today would be a fabulous day to get your independent reading project done. Hint, hint. As only you would know, I don't want to grade anything that's lame, wink!

Shayla likes to stage "funny pictures" and it looks like she got grandma to help her by doing this. Very cute, Shayla! Now please be safe and get out of the tiger cages! Your grandparents are so cool! Remember what I told you when you were playing dominoes with them late last night. Count those blessings and treasure those memories! You are a very lucky and very loved little girl! ENJOY! And.....why are you wearing the same outfit again? I packed a different outfit for each day, despite grandma having a washer/dryer set. Shayla, Miss Independent, I don't think this "clothes thing" is working out so well.

I stand corrected! It wasn't "trick photography" that Shayla sometimes enjoys. She actually crawled through a tunnel to then pop up in that glass box under the tiger at Busch Gardens. I was very surprised to learn it wasn't just a reflection as I thought.

PS: My mom (grandma Nonee) informed me it is 80 degrees and they are going to the swimming pool now (wow).


At 28/1/09 12:52 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

That last picture of Shayla nearly gave me a stroke! That's too funny!

It's been snowing here in the Mid-Atlantic area like crazy as well. I'm loving it the snow- the ice and cold, not so much! haha!

I'm glad Shayla's going to be home soon. You guys must miss her so much!! I wish I could join her where it's warm!

All the best.

At 28/1/09 1:03 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

So exciting for Shayla to be away on her own! And I am giggling more and more with every clothes update - can't wait for her teens!


At 28/1/09 1:58 PM, Blogger HeatherB said...

It's been snowing here like crazy too! I'm not sure how much we have as I didn't go to work today (a birthday bonus I guess. :))

Tell Shayla (although I know she loves the snow) to send some of that 80 degree weather this way please??

I'm glad you are getting some good work done on your disseration. That's great!

Stay safe and warm my friend!

Love you!!


At 28/1/09 3:08 PM, Blogger Lisa said...

I've stood in that box where Shayla is and it is AMAZING to see tigers like that. It was the highlight of my whole trip to America. Love and prayers for you all.

At 28/1/09 7:27 PM, Blogger Olivia said...

Dear Shayla:
1. I think that tiger picture is the coolest.

2. I would give anything to be in 80 degree, Florida and going to the swimming pool. (Do you think it's silly that I want to go to Disney World too?)

3. I used to play dominoes with my grandparents and I absolutely loved it. What great memories!

Angela, thanks for sharing. I hope you're staying warm.

At 29/1/09 12:21 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

ANGELA-the next time Shayla is in the FL area please call me so I can do some pictures for you! It would be my honor! How much longer is she in town? Let me know and if she has time I can shott her this week...if not, next time for sure! I hate that she was so close and I am missing her!


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