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Saturday, January 24, 2009

Fun in Florida

Response to Blogger Inquiries:

Yes, I think that is where they were. I say that because I see smokestacks in the background and I know they were near or in Tampa yesterday.

Beverly - yes! That would have been awesome if you both would have been there on the same day! It appears you live in an amazing place!

I am in Charlotte. So far the cab ride and the hotel have been great. Other than stepping out at 6:45 this morning before my first meeting started and seeing that the temperature reading was 52 (ahhhhh!) I haven’t seen anything in the city, but my conference has been incredibly enlightening, motivating and inspiring.

My first session this morning was on one of my favorite education topics – National Board Certification. Speaking of my dissertation topic, I’m thrilled to report that I ended up with 104 “Yes, I would like to participate in your study” responses, much to the shock and delight of many. That was out of 673 letters of invitation which were mailed to teachers who certified between 1994 and 1998 and who agreed to have their names and school districts released.

Things are going very well with my research. In addition to conducting the two pilot interviews and having the word by word transcriptions completed, I also did my self-interview and the digital recording of my interview (as I’m the “11th” participant in my investigation, the self-study piece). Next it needs to be transcribed word-by-word, a very time consuming task. Earlier this week I mailed out consent forms to the ten NBCTs that were selected with help from my OSU Faculty Advisor. It wasn't easy to make the selection despite the predetermined selection criteria. I wanted to talk with ALL of them and then there was one that actually made me sink to the floor and cry once I opened the envelope. Stapled to the form was a note on school district stationary. It said, "Person's Name Here, would have loved to have participated in your study and to have helped you with your work. Unfortunately, our beloved and treasured teacher lost her battle with cancer last year."

My fingers are crossed that the ten identified participants in my investigation will all agree to participate in my study and that I will make phone contacts this week and soon begin working with them. They appear to be a very intriguing group of educators I must add. I really can’t wait to begin talking with them and learning from them.

Jan. 2006, days before flying from Philly to Florida for the visit. Christi did a new antibody trial and it was terribly painful. We then had four days off over MLK weekend. It was the same cost to fly home, or to fly to Florida - where my sister and her family were going to be with mom and Joe so we flew South. I'll never forget how ill and frail Christi was. As I pushed her in a wheelchair toward mom and Joe waiting for us at the airport, my heart went out to them, knowing what a terrible sight we were and how painful it must be for them to see us. While I do not miss those tremendously stressful times at all, I really do miss Christi. Like Shayla has been emailing with me the past two days, I keep thinking I'd be ok now, if I could just email with Christi. I find I'm again making plea bargains with God. Don't send her back, but just let me email with her. Like the many plea bargains I've tried before ("take my life, spare hers), it just isn't in God's plan I guess. Therefore, I remind myself that I must continue to live my life in a way that will allow me to spend eternitiy with her in a much better place.

With Shayla currently at mom and Joe's, I just can't help but continue to reflect back on Christi's only time at their place in Florida. It was here that mom sewed Christi's pointe shoes for me. Christi's acting tired in this picture (my mom has to get things "just so" which means MANY try-ons). What's weird is that Christi was also in the 4th grade with the same wonderful teacher that Shayla currently has (and that Shayne had in 4th grade too).

Today's Fun in Florida:

When I spoke with Shayla tonight she asked if I saw her hair in ponytails. She wanted me to know she styled her own hair. (Something I do for her every day at home.)
When I asked her why she was wearing the same pants she wore yesterday she said, "I didn't know what else matched this top I wanted to wear." I told her that I folded each outfit together so it'd be really easy for Nonee to get the right outfit each day. She proudly told me she was getting her outfits around all by herself. (Every day I pick out her clothes as I know one day all too soon she'll have "opinions" about what she wants to wear. Right now it's entirely too easy - and I love that. I just hand her her clothes each morning and she puts them on without any questions or comments.)
It's hard to believe in a very short time it will be "Shaylauary" and that we will soon have a ten year old. We've never had a kid "make it" to double digits before. That will really be odd to have her 10 when Christi only made it to 9. Trust me, we'll make it a special day, a special week, a special month.


At 24/1/09 10:33 PM, Blogger Olivia said...

I'm so glad to hear you're having fun, Angela! You definitely deserve it. I've always wanted to go to NC and SC.

It looks as though Shayla is having a great time. Is everyone enjoying warmer weather these days?

Loads of love!

At 25/1/09 5:47 AM, Anonymous x-Amber-x said...

Shayla Thomas you look more and more beautiful and grown up every day! I simply cannot believe that Shayla is going to be 10 - It really tugged on my heart to know that Christi Never made it to "double digits" x Angela however much it hurts God will never bring Christi Back to you, but one day he will bring you back to her in the most splendid place of all - As my mum constantly tells me "You'll never fully appreciate what you've got until you lose it" - which is so true! My little sister who is 6 Has just finished her treatment for Leukaemia and everyday night before she goes to sleep she will pray to god , thanking him for giving her a second chance at life - And I have to tell you that the very first thing she does when she wakes up is check up on Christi's blog!!!!! Last night I sneakily(hehe) listened to her prayer and it brought a tear to my eye - This is what she prayed for ! "Dear God , I would like to thank you for helping me through my illness and making sure that I always look on the bright side of life! Please look after me and My family and also to the Thomas Family , I think Christi helped me to live because she fought really hard which made me fight hard to , Please tell her that her Mummy and Daddy and sister still love her and think of her like my family does too. Please make all of my friends with Cancer better again and if you can't then take them with you to heaven and when I die then please take me to heaven aswell because i would like to see all of my friends who died again. Tell Jesus that I love him too , Amen." I had to muffle my crying with my hands - It hurt me to know that a 6 year old had to think about things like this! - It really hurt but it also made me realise that we are so lucky to still have her here , Angela Christi is my inspiration in life she helps me get through the hardest timesxxx - Love you lots and I loved the pictures ! - Amber xxx p.s:I hope shayla is having an excellent time x

At 25/1/09 9:09 AM, Blogger Lisa D :) said...

Oh my goodness Shayla! Your hair looks so beautiful styled that way! I just love that last photo too. I'm so glad you have this special time with Nonee. I imagine you're both loving every moment together!

Angela, I am praying and wishing you all the best with your dissertation -- I honestly don't know how you do it all! And, you certainly DO do it ALL! I'd love to have half your energy! :)

Enjoy your travels Thomas Team!

At 25/1/09 2:46 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

My my Angela Thomas. Shayla sure has blossomed into a beautiful young lady. I hope you all have a wonderful time on all of your trips. God Bless.



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