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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Christi's Class Graduated and an Honorary Diploma Awarded to Christi!

Months ago we were notified by the Seneca East High School principal that some of Christi's classmates had asked for Christi to be awarded an honorary diploma with them at graduation. You can't even believe how very touched we were by that - amazing kindness and thoughtfulness! Little did we know they would give us reserved seats, escort our family out and have a balloon release with "Christi" written on every balloon. I cried before, during and afternoon the ceremony - of course missing Christi and longing for her to be there and wondering what she'd be like today, but also crying tears of joy for amazing students we are so proud of and for their incredible compassion and love still shown for our family and for our bubbly little one who I know is always with them.

This is my favorite picture!  I had no idea they were doing a balloon release after the ceremony!  We were escorted out after the graduates by the principal and superintendent and given a balloon.  I saw Christi's name on it and assumed each graduate had a balloon with their own name on it, then I realized every balloon had the same thing on it!  Sooooooo sweet!

I quickly thanked every School Board Member and Administrator and told them we really appreciated their kindness.  

What an amazing school district filled with compassionate and thoughtful kids, families, teachers and administrators!  I obviously wish Christi would have lived and graduated, but I am so grateful for this very loving act of all!  God bless, Seneca East!

Definitely a bitter sweet day.  I cried before, during and after just thinking about Christi and her "all too short life" and all that she could have become here on earth.  I also cried with happiness for her sweet classmates who will go on to do great things and who will never forget our bubbly little giggly one!

Wow!  So kind!  Christi's honorary diploma from Seneca East High School

We are grateful for this quite little spot in front of the school.

Christi's brick

A hug from one of Christi's best friends - Kaylyn who will always be treasured by our whole family.

I had the pleasure of serving as Owen's kindergarten and 7th grade teacher.  Christi always liked Owen so of course we all did!  He is a class act and was voted Class President.  Congratulations, sweet Owen!  We love you!

Shayla with Christi's other best friend, Theresa!  We are so glad she's not going too far away for college; this way we can always be there for her if she ever needs us!

Ben was one of Christi's favorite guys.  She always had great things to tell us about Ben as she really enjoyed being around him at school.  Our very best wishes to a fine young man!

As soon as I realized all of the graduates' balloons had the same thing written on them, I started crying again.  Too sweet!


At 29/5/14 9:01 PM, Blogger Holly said...

How lovely! And yet so bittersweet. I so wish Christi had been there. She was such an amazing girl!

Love you guys,
Holly Hart

At 1/6/14 8:13 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

How very, very sweet. What a testimony to the amazing legacy of Christi, and the inspiration the Thomas family has been to all even after all these years.

At 31/7/14 6:01 PM, Blogger Robin said...

This is all just to awesome for words. How spectacular for sure. Made me cry as well. What an amazing tribute for your sweet Christi.


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