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Thursday, May 08, 2014

Christi's Senior Prom

It was hard not to be sad last Saturday.  I knew it would have been Christi's Senior Prom.  I hoped her classmates were having a wonderful time, but I longed for Christi to have been there too dancing the night away.  Soon I was thrilled to learn that Kaylyn was voted Prom Queen! What a fabulous choice!  And then Kaylyn shared this picture with me.  She said she saw it and knew Christi was with them too.  Oh, I cried!  (Picture:  Kaylyn and Theresa, Christi's best friends, posed pictures before going to the prom - notice the "orb")

A BLAST FROM THE PAST:  Theresa, Christi & Kaylyn at school.


At 10/5/14 7:58 AM, Blogger trish said...

Thanks for sharing with Christi's followers. Seems impossible. Red orb = her dress would have been red or for love. Look at her friends arms - they look like they formed a heart. ❤️


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