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Friday, March 06, 2015

Lemon Ball Dance Party Pictures Here!

I can't say enough good things about all of the wonderful teens who attended Shayla's Lemon Ball fundraiser on Saturday night at the Ritz Theater.  They danced for four straight hours and we all had a lovely time.  There were about 65 students in attendance from seven different area high schools, all coming together to raise money for childhood cancer.  What a fabulous event!  After Shayla announced the total, nearly $3,000 her sweet friends even broke out in singing her a happy 16th birthday.  She is blessed and we believe Christi must be proud of her too!  Thanks to all who were able to donate for a cause so near and dear to our family's heart!  THANK YOU!!
Shayla with her best friends!
Shayla with sweet school friends!

Goofing around with friends!

Happy to see friends arrive!

Shayla with school friends!

Shayla with school and theater friends.

Shayla & Zach!

Josh was one of Christi's best friends!  We love him so much!  He gave Christi a bear a few months before she died.  She loved her bear and named him "Bluie".  Bluie was beside her when she left us.  One of her last phone calls was from this sweet guy!  He made her so happy, just goofing around and talking.  It's wonderful to see that Josh grew up into an awesome young man.  We are so proud of him and wish him the very best!

Shayla with her choir, show choir, theater and musical friends.

This guy has captured our hearts this year!  Welcome to Tiffin!  I hope to see you at BGSU next year!

A break for pizza and cookies!

Snack time!

Dancing the night away! Who knew these guys could sing too?!!

Parents working the lemonade and water stand!

Shayla with her sweet date!  It must not have been easy to be Shayla's boyfriend Saturday night, but Nate is a class act and was so incredibly mature, supportive and helpful!  What a gem!

Dance, dance, dance!

The DJ did a great job of keeping everyone on their feet!
Party Invites

Party's over!  It's clean up time, Nate & Shay Shay!


At 11/3/15 8:57 AM, Anonymous nancy said...

What a beauty Shayla has become......looks like a great time was had by all. Shayla is one of the most caring, giving young ladies and you as parents must be so proud.....


At 13/3/15 9:48 AM, Blogger Holly said...

I will never have a February that I don't think of Shaylauary! Oh my goodness! Sweet 16 and driving! Time goes too fast! What an amazing sweet girl you have raised! Thanks for sharing! I know Christi was proud of her family and smiling and dancing along! Any orbs (or was she moving too fast ;D)

Love all of you!
Katy, Texas


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