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Sunday, August 07, 2016

Overdue Update

Again I did not realize it had been so long since I last updated so here goes:

Everything was very exciting with Shayne's campaign for Seneca County Commissioner in March.  He won his election (I think he won every town and every precinct in the county except for one which he lost by only about 8 votes.) He will take office on January 3, 2017 and I think he will do a fabulous job!  I'm so proud of him.

After earning 20 peer-reviewed publications, making 25 state and national conference presentations, and earning some awards for my teaching as a professor, I earned tenure and was promoted as a tenured professor at BGSU in May.  It was something I had worked for (and worried about) every day over the past seven years so this was a tremendous relief and joy for our whole family.  Next to my family there is nothing I love more than my teaching and I am so humbled to be a professor at BG so it was incredible to be rewarded for my work and to now be a tenured professor.

Christi would have turned 19 on May 12th.  A few days earlier, I took 18 BGSU students to study in England for ten days so on Christi's birthday my students were in an acting workshop at the Globe Theater in London.  While tears pour down my face, I just had to look at my lovely students and think that's exactly how old Christi would be and they were doing exactly what our little "theater lover" would want to be doing too so I just had to wipe away my tears and give my students my all since their moms were back in the states and I wanted to be a wonderful substitute "mom" for them while on their trip.  (Picture below: with my awesome BGSU students in England, May 2016)

One of my sweet students put together a little video clip of our trip so if you want to check it out, here is the link:  DrAngelaThomas_BGSU_England_Trip   (So if you watch the video clip, yes, indeed Shelby did see David Beckham and I have a picture of him dropping his little girl off at school.  Shayne was able to go with us on the trip and I'm in the midst of planning a return trip next summer.)

We've been blessed with an amazing summer.  Shayne and I have gone on a lot of bike rides and hikes.  We've taken in a lot of theater and have done a lot of reading.  I taught four summer courses and I've gotten ahead with all of my fall classes and some new projects I'm taking on this year at the university.

Shayla took some classes and performed in five "sold out" shows of Disney's "The Little Mermaid" the 18 & under "teen" musical up with 3B productions in Maumee.  She met new friends, learned new things, went up in a hot-air balloon, and had an absolutely wonderful summer.  Yesterday their production of "Little Mermaid" was selected as one of just two who will go to state in a few weeks so we had a very exciting day of theater and we are looking forward to their next performance.  (Seeing Shayla perform as a "tap-dancing" seagull is an absolute hoot!  Here is the video link if you'd like a little peek; Shayla is the dancing gull who accidentally loses her hat while dancing so you'll be able to find her, lol.)  Video_Clip_of_Shayla's_Tap_Dancing_Seagul_Number_Little_Mermaid_3B_Productions

We recently had Shayla's Senior pictures taken by her (and Christi's) first grade teacher.  (The sweet woman who used to come to our home, when Christi was in her class to tutor her at night.)  It's hard to believe Shayla will soon start her Senior year of high school.  Time has gone by so quickly.

Here's wishing you and yours a wonderful summer!  Take care and be well!


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