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Sunday, February 17, 2008

Staring the Ice Princess - Shayla

Shayla has really enjoyed ice skating this year. She's had about 8 lessons so far and has about four left. I wasn't feeling well enough to go ice skating for "family skate" tonight, so Shayne took the camera, told me to study and to rest my stomach, and he'd take enough pictures and video clips that I'd feel like I was there. He did! Tonight, I'll try a blogger first for me - uploading video clips. Shayne asked me today if I changed the calendar in Christi's room. I said, "No." He said, "Well it no longer is stuck on August 2006; now it's on "February"." Hmmm, imagine that! I wonder if Miss Shayulary knows that it is a 2006 calendar! Regardless, we thought it was probably best that Shayla did that. She has slept in Christi's room about three nights over the past two months. We do need to tackle her room, yet I think we're secretly wishing Shayla just takes it over as her new room to make it easier on us!

Today Shayla decided that she would enter her first duathalon (run, bike, run). It's the kid part of the triathalon (swim, bike, run) that Shayne will be competiting in June. Shayla is happy to be a part of the "CHOP Team". She's been riding her bike in the living room, beside Shayne, when he does his training.

There have been some little friends Christi made throughout her journey with whom we've lost contact. There was one very special little girl Christi loved playing with at the Ronald House in Philly on the few times we were there together in the winter of 2006. On many occasions I had wondered how the little sweetie was doing. Sadly, tonight, I received an email from her beautiful mother telling me that she died a few months prior to Christi. My heart absolutely aches over this horrendous loss. May a cure be found soon!


At 18/2/08 10:44 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I loved the video. Its sad to hear about the other child. Just to let you know the pictures are corrupt and cannot be seen.


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