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This blog is to help offer support to the Thomas Family and their daughter, Christi, in her battle against cancer. Please visit Christi's website at to learn more. There, you'll find journals, photos and a lots of other information about this amazing child and her family.

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Saturday, April 05, 2008

$1,000 Christi Thomas Memorial Scholarship - Dance Unlimited

(PIC: The girls put on a show for us - Dec. 2005. You can see the purple "tattoo" marking on Christi's chest as she was going through radiation treatments at this time.)

“The Christi Thomas $1,000 Memorial Scholarship” will be awarded each year to a Senior at Dance Unlimited on Senior Night at the June recital.

All of the forms and more information is available on Please note that all materials must be submitted electronically to: Scholarship The due date is what would have been Christi’s 11th birthday – May 12th.

Christi loved and treasured her Dance Unlimited teachers, directors, friends and classes. We believe she would want to help other dancers continue their love of learning at the college level.


At 5/4/08 8:46 AM, Blogger Olivia said...

This picture is a treasure. Christi and Shayla look beautiful. And putting on a show, too-- what talent!


At 5/4/08 10:47 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Angela,

Just sending my love to you, Shayne & Shayla as always. These scholarships are yet another way in which "our Christi" continues to live on and to help, inspire and bring her own special sunshine into the lives of so, so many people. You must quite rightly be proud of her, just as I know she'll be continually proud of her much loved family. I'm so prousd to 'know' all of you - thankyou for sharing your lives with me.

Love to all - especially to Angel Christi

xx Nicky xx
(Lake District, England)

At 5/4/08 11:47 AM, Blogger Sheila Ferrell said...

Dearest Thomas Family,
I had a dream about your precious family last night. My son, Josh, and I were staying at your house. Your girls just loved him as he carried them on his back and ran through the house playing make believe. Mind you my son is 18 and 6'2' but he loves kids and they are so drawn to him. Christi and Shayla's giggles were wonderful and even awake I can close my eyes and imagine them.
Angela, you drove a station wagon with the "wood" panels...not sure what that was about. I remember being impressed with your wisdom.
I was blessed with Christi only after she was an angel of God's and I am thankful that he allowed her and her family to enter my dreams.
I continue to pray for you all every single day. I thank you for sharing your daughters with us, they are truly gifts.


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