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Sunday, March 30, 2008


Despite, “Snow-klahoma!” being cancelled three weeks ago because of the blizzard, it went off without a hitch Friday and Saturday nights. Shayla was in all her glory and loved absolutely everything about it. As Shayne told and thanked the director last night at the cast party, “There could not have been a greater gift for Shayla.” As you can see from the previous post of the slideshow, she had a blast!

For Friday night’s show Aunt Marty and Uncle Jeff came up, as did “Harriett” (who would have driven to Oklahoma because she heard, “Shayla’s in Oklahoma!”, but thankfully Chris drove) and therefore she arrived safely! Chris brought her the cutest gift! It was her two favorite animals (a horse and a dog) dressed like the leads in the musical. Curley with his cowboy had and Laurey with a wedding dress and bonnet. Shayla REALLY liked that!

The children (or the “little people” as the high schooler’s called them) were arranged in “families” and Shayla loved her “mom” and “dad”. Her dad sent her a flower back stage and on the card he wrote, “You are the sweetest kid ever,” it was precious. I loved watching all of my former students perform. Some of them I not only had for junior high, but also for kindergarten; that was amazing! The talent of those kids is unbelievable and with the new facility the show could not have been any better. What a blessing to have been able to partake!

It was announced that the cast party would be at the lead’s home at 11PM. Well, I assumed it was for the high schoolers, but after Shayla changed she asked if she could go. I told her for just a little bit and her smile was incredible. We let her stay for about thirty minutes and she had a ball running around with the other little girls. The high schoolers shaved off “Jud’s” beard and since his mom said he had to serve Mass for Easter Sunday looking all scruffy she told me to supervise the shaving since I would be at the cast party and she wouldn’t. It was a hoot! Shayne and I have commented many times that Christi would not have just memorized her lines, but everyone’s. I trust she was with us, from a much better place.


At 30/3/08 3:30 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Shayla looks so natural and also like she is thoroughly enjoying herself! How lovely.

Well done!

Liked the D.C. pics - glad to see you are looking so well Angela, hope stomach problems have cleared up!


At 30/3/08 7:24 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow....tears came to my eyes as I watched all of the clips-but they were happy tears! Shayla, you did a GREAT job! Mom and dad must be SO proud of you! I'm so glad you were given this chance to shine-I know it will be one of many!

Pat in CA

At 1/4/08 2:22 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Thomas Team-
Shayla looks beautiful!
I had a "What would Christi Do" moment today- I applied for a program and received acceptance to one of my top three choices, just not my first one.
So I decided to do what I thought Christi would do and email the director at my first choice and really stood up for myself and my credentials hoping that they would see how passionate I am about attending my first choice program- I think that was the kind of gal Christi was... passionate, bold, spunky.


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