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Thursday, April 17, 2008

$20,000 Unbelievable!

I don't have the time to stop and update; however, after picking up our mail I must share the most amazing, incredibly and really unbelievable news! Today we received a copy of a thank you letter Dr. Maris sent to someone. (We do not believe we even know this sweet angel.) I read the letter; I sobbed. I'll say it again, "God's people are amazing!" Here is what Dr. Maris hand wrote to this extremely kind and terribly generous woman:

Dear (Name),

Thank you sincerely for your extremely generous donation of $20,000 to our research program. We pledge to continue dedication to eradicating the pain and suffering from neuroblastoma in honor of Christi and other children with cancer.

With yours sincerely,
John Maris

I recently came across this picture and it brought back memories of the many times I watched Christi snuggle with "Buttercup" in this precious manner! Christi would be very pleased to know that Shayla takes incredibly good care of her cat.

Christi, I miss you terribly; yet I tell myself you are only a cloud away and when things like today's letter come I remind myself that you did make a positive difference in this world! Tonight, after Shayla's horse riding lessons, was a big beautiful cross in between some lovely clouds. It reminded me of Christi's afternoon of First Holy Communion when she saw a similar cross appear over our house and she said something like, "I wonder if that's Grandpa Vince!" Tonight I told myself that it was Christi letting me know she was happy about that amazing $20,000 donation too! Still trying to kick cancer's behind, from a much better place!


At 17/4/08 7:32 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow, that is absolutely unbelievable! I am so happy for Dr. Maris and the research program...$20,000 can (and will) make a big difference in research. I never met Christi but I know she is an amazing young lady to make a large impact on everyone (myself included).

At 18/4/08 8:15 AM, Blogger Olivia said...

Oh Angela, my heart goes out to you. Christi is never, ever going to be forgotten.

The $20,000 donation is simply amazing and a true example of Christi's impact in the world.

Loads of love to you,

At 18/4/08 9:59 AM, Anonymous Jennifer Lehmann said...

Wow Wow Wow!!! We all knew Christi was and always will be amazing, but that is incredible. She has touched so many lives and I have no doubt she will continue to.

Love you! Have a great weekend!

At 18/4/08 11:37 AM, Blogger HeatherB said...

How generous and kind! I love that picture of Christi with her kitty, and she DID do great things in her far too short life.

May God be with you all.

Love to you,

At 18/4/08 11:40 AM, Blogger Olivia said...

WOW. What incredible news. You've made my day. Christi continues to work miracles and change lives.

Many hugs,

At 18/4/08 1:03 PM, Blogger snekcip said...

What a blessing indeed, God's people are truly amazing!! Christie you truly continue to inspire and enlighten thousands!


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