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Sunday, April 06, 2008

Shayla enjoyed rolling on the blue paint in the laundry room. As my sweet neighbor, who helped me select the paint colors for the two rooms said, "It's the color of Christi's eyes," after picking out the laundry room color.
Shayla and Shayne strip the bathroom wallpaper in preparation for new paint and a new look! YES!!

Shayla's "dad" in "Oklahoma" is a marketing student and selling yearbook ads. We decided to purchase a full page ad for this year's edition of "Tiger Paws". I selected a few of my "Christi favorites" and Shayne created this. Most will just flip through the yearbook and think nothing of it; we will chuckle. Notice there is no indigo in the rainbow at the bottom. Christi was on what turned out to be her death bed at CHOP insisting that indigo was a "shade" not a "color"; therefore, Shayne left purple off of this ad as a little inside joke for Christi's fans. I think, the funny little one would love this!


At 6/4/08 7:19 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's beautiful - what a lovely way to keep her in people's minds. I'm with Christi on indigo btw...

Love the bathroom shade: very pretty! Shayla is looking so grown up! Hope the come-down from the musical hasn't been too tough!

You and Shayne obviously will have your work cut out with all the scholarship applications, I hope that you get great candidates!


At 6/4/08 10:03 AM, Blogger Olivia said...

What a beautiful tribute to Christi. I love the rainbow.

Thinking of you all and sending many hugs,

At 6/4/08 6:12 PM, Anonymous Jennifer said...

Gosh, Shayla looks so grown up in that first picture! What an awesome shade of blue.

I love the collage Shayne made of Christi too. It'll be great in the yearbook! That is too funny about Indigo...but I have to agree with her!

At 7/4/08 11:01 AM, Blogger Holly said... there anything you can't do?? I cannot paint, my husband has banned me from painting because he hates fixing my mistakes! You are so multi-talented! Also, I love the ad! I remember indigo being a shade and not a color, and also Pluto for Planet! Such a keen mind that little one had! I miss hearing about all those special thoughts and conversations. Such a sweetheart!

Love Holly

PS Put Rocky's statute back where he belongs!!


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