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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Tea Party and Poker Run Update

PIC: This photo is of the back of this year's Christi Thomas Meorial Poker Run tee-shirts. I thought they were absolutely incredible!! This year's Poker Run raised approximately $2,000 for her Memorial Fund. We are so thankful people have done such kind fundraising, being able to provide scholarships and gifts in Christi's Memory gives us a great deal of comfort. Thank you, everyone!

Speaking of "sweet" fundraising efforts!! Thanks to the amazing Olvia for the fundraising idea of Christi Tea Packages, since I was too busy with school work to do a fundraiser this year. (I do hope to do a real "Tea Party" next year, since I "should" be finished with my dissertation at that point and "just" waiting for graduation, fingers crossed.)

Olivia ended up shipping 65 boxes and raised $1,260 for a grand total to be split between Jennifer's "Kids Cancer Crusade" and the "Christi Thomas Memorial Fund". Olivia prepared all of the goodies and shipped them to:

1. Tiffin, OH
2. Whitestone, NY
3. Harmas, MD
4. Attica, OH
5. Bowling Green, OH
6. Marcellus, NY
7. Clinton, OK
8. South Plainfield, NJ
9. New York, NY
10. Callender, IA
11. Republic, OH
12. Mt. Washington, KY
13. Pasadena, TX
14. Fayetteville, NC
15. Lafayette Hill, PA
16. Andover, MA
17. Germantown, OH
18. Columbus, OH
19. Miami, FL
20. Danville, IN
21. Farminton, NY
22. Durham, NH
23. Portsmouth, NH
24. Seattle, WA
25. Prattville, AL
26. Saginaw, MI
27. Delaware, OH
28. Lawrenceville, GA
29. Pensacola, FL
30. Bay City, MI
31. Havertown, PA
32. Honolulu, HI
33. Crestline, OH
34. Juneau, AK
35. Pullman, WA
36. New Iberia, LA
*37. Alberta, Canada
**38. A donation came from London, UK

AND: 39. Cabot, Arkansas (Thanks for letting me know we forgot you - so sorry!!)

Olivia wrote: All I can say is "Christi Magic!" That makes for a total of 38 cities and 21 states!!! (Between us, I thought Juneau, Alaska was the coolest. Too bad I didn't personally deliver the packages, eh? :p)

Thanks to all who were able to help! We really appreciate it!


At 18/6/08 4:42 PM, Anonymous plasagna said...

I would like a Christi Thomas Poker Run t-shirt. How much?

At 18/6/08 7:53 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Miami, FL here :) I still haven't finished my box of goodies but everything has been great! I'm sure Christi is smiling down on Olivia and Jennifer for all they do to keep her amazing spirit alive. I feel thankful just to be a tiny part in helping keep her legacy alive. Love & miss you Christi!

At 19/6/08 6:53 AM, Anonymous Rebecca said...


I'm from the UK and would have loved to have donated and got a tea party package but I wasn't sure how it worked! If this would be possible next year this would be really really good! Christi has really touched my heart!

At 19/6/08 5:08 PM, Blogger Carol said...

No need to revise the list, but I wanted you to know that a sweet 5 yr old girl and her amazing 2 1/2 yr old brother in Frisco, TX very much enjoyed their "Christi Tea Party". Thank you for sharing your beautiful family with us!

At 19/6/08 9:00 PM, Blogger Holly said...

I also received a Tea Party in Katy, Texas!! What a great job Olivia!! One of my grandsons was here when it arrived and we devoured the wonderful cookies on the spot!!

Keeping you guys covered in prayer,
Love Holly

PS does Shayla still have any of her soap collection left? I never knew there were so many cute soaps until she started collecting and I was watching for them.


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