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Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Play the Role DONE!

Shayla finished her theatre project today, "Play the Role". It will be judged next week. I don't know if she learned anything, but she really enjoyed it very, very much!!! I know she's excited to talk to the 4H judge about everything she did. I just hope they can listen as fast as she can talk when she is excited. (Yes, she gets that honestly!) I keep wondering what Christi would have wanted to take for her 4H projects. It's so hard sometimes, the "what ifs".

As Shayla was working on her 4H poster, she remembered Christi's but not everything about it. I went and got it out for her to show her and to answer her questions. I think she was surprised that Christi's handwriting wasn't perfect, nor was her spelling perfect, nor were the photos she cut out. (I guess when you're little, you think your older sister is "perfect".) I remember cringing while Christi worked on it, but I knew it was to be HER project, not mine, so I let her go and when she won best of overall small animals, I was glad it was HER project, not mine, because she was oh so happy when I read sweet Karen A.'s email to her telling her of the good news.

I did give Shayla suggestions for her poster, but she did it completely by herself. She had so much fun working on it; she was disappointed to learn that she is not to make a poster for her bunny project, to be judged during the fair.

Her keyboarding is going well, thanks to a sweet blogger posted that BBC typing site here. She says it's much better than the one she had to do at camp.

(PIC: Christi during judging of her "Cat Project" at the fair.) Today, I took a break from my paper to bake sugar cookies with Shayla. I used to LOVE doing that with Christi when she was so little. She's sit up on the counter, measuring, stirring and giggling - what fun! I think I am starting to have more pleasant memories of Christi than painful ones. I won't say that I still don't have those times when grief sneaks up on me like an ocean wave, or that I don't wake up in the middle of the night crying myself back to sleep, I do! But I also have great memories of Christi. That is a good thing! I really must get her cemetery plaque ordered soon; it's starting to really bother me. (And quite frankly, I know if I die Shayne would never get around to it. I wouldn't care if I didn't have one, but Christi deserves better!)

Shayla's looking forward to her Mounted Meeting for 4H tonight out at the fairgrounds. Hopefully, Skeeter will have shoes and they'll be able to get him there! Depending upon on my writing is going, I may or may not be able to go too.


At 1/7/08 7:44 PM, Blogger HeatherB said...

Great poster Shayla!! :) I loved it!!

Oh and Sugar cookies too- yummy!! Hope you enjoyed them.

Hope your mounted meeting went well.

With all my love,

At 2/7/08 10:54 PM, Blogger Kimber ♥ said...

can i just say Shayla has turned into such a beautiful girl!! She is such a sweetie!


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