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Friday, June 27, 2008

Christi's Necklace is Fixed

(PIC: True Christi! Still in her pajamas, watching cartoons while in the midst of a project of some sort. When we got new furniture in December of 2005, we picked out a sofa and a large chair with a footstool like this, knowing of course who would get the chair. Ironically, now the furniture exists, without Christi, and most of the time, it's three of us on the sofa, while "Christi's Perch" remains empty. Crazy, I know!

Shayla's is doing fine (especially since keyboarding camp ended today, hee hee, and when I told her she was going to practice for 30 minutes, five times a week for the rest of the summer she wasn't even really upset. She said, "Ok."). Claire apologized to Shayne for not letting him know of their decision earlier. He's planning to volunteer to work at the Horse Show tomorrow so that he can learn. Shayla will "help" too, if there's something she can do. The other trainer will be there; however, her daughter is Shayla's age and she'll be working with her. (She's an amazing rider!) Regardless, we're disappointed, but it will hopefully still be fun and a good learning experience for all. All of this has really been a learning experience for us "horse newbees"; we'll definitely do things differently next year! (And this way Shayla won't miss the "Rabbit Skill-a-ton" at the fairgrounds in the afternoon. She's been studying her book and she thinks she's ready for the questions and the tests. We'll see.) She's also been working on her "Play the Role" theatre project; it's due July 8th. She's having a wonderful summer; I just wish Christi were here doing all of this great stuff with us!

Today my necklace, made shortly after Christi's death, was fixed. For whatever reason, the safety catch was never soldered when it was made. Therefore, when the clasp broke, it fell to the ground (thankfully, brushing my ankle and alerting me to the situation). I still think Christi must have been involved, or my necklace (with her final thumbprint and her Holy Communion cross that I wear nearly every day) would be gone. Praise the Lord!


At 27/6/08 1:32 PM, Blogger Olivia said...

I love that picture of Christi. I am so glad to hear the necklace was fixed! I have no doubt at all that Christi was working her magic in having you realize it broke.

Loads of love,

At 27/6/08 4:01 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Absolutely Christi was involved in the broken necklace being noticed by you - there is no way she would let those precious items get away from you.

I am so glad Shayla is going to help at the horse event and that her dad will be there to learn. There have been a lot of times my daugther couldn't or wouldn't show for some reason or another and she had the best time being a rider's groom or tacking up the horses or cleaning the stalls or running messages from the event arena back to the barn stalls - there will be (or should be) a lot Shayla can do and she will feel very good about the help she offered. Shane and Shayla will be on their way to horse show experts - one thing I learned, if my daughter had a certain look on her face...I just better be quiet, find a nice spot to watch and pray and just stay out of her way! There were times I could chatter and be close by but sometimes NOT! It was all so good though. Have fun, Shayla and Shane and good luck Angela on your questions! I don't know how you do all that you set in front of yourself. I also sign anonymous because I can never figure out how to sign in or I forget my, once again - From Mary Hussman, St. Louis MO

At 27/6/08 7:29 PM, Anonymous Anna said...

Christi and I are so similar in that area - I do that to! Usually with documentaries, although I have been known to watch a cartoon or to, hee hee.

So glad you got the necklace fixed, such a precious piece! There have been so many different situations involving that necklace I believe Christi is behind it.

At 27/6/08 8:49 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

hi angela.. I have never wrote to you before, but have been following christi's story for over 2yrs.. I want you to know that I admired your daughter and her courage, and want you also to know that my brother passed away October of 2007. I have never had the courage to view Christi's funeral until today, and when I watched the video my heart ached for you and your family.. We also released Doves for Josh, my brother, and the doves stayed above the trees over his grave for over 6 hours... It truly was amazing how you have stayed so strong, you are my inspiration Angela.. And if it makes you feel better I pray that my Mother and My Brother look after Christi In heaven for you... God Bless.. Shanan..


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