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Thursday, January 01, 2009

The 120th Rose Parade

Shayla wasn't interested in going to watch the Penn State vs. USC game at the Rose Bowl this afternoon so we didn't get tickets. We are now here in our hotel room watching it on television while she plays. She's really had a great vacation and we are so grateful! After watching Christi suffer so it's such a wonderful feeling to see pure joy on your child's face. Soon after Christi died and we went on a trip, it was so odd for her because she didn't have anyone to play with. Now she can play by herself. She has really grown and matured, yet has retained that "sweetness" demonstrating her compassion and thoughtfulness toward others. I can't help but think Christi's journey played a role in developing those wonderful traits. She is an absolute delight to be around. We are so lucky!

The United States Marine Corps Mounted Color Guard - the only Mounted Color Guard in the US Marine Corps. Shayla asked them why they were riding English instead of Western. They chuckled among themselves and basically said, "We don't know. We ride Western all of the time and English just for parades. Maybe some people think these saddles are fancier or something."

Shayla at the Rose Bowl Parade.

Our seats were at the famous "TV Corner" - amazing seats. We were able to watch the parade in front of us, and then to actually see the other side of the floats as they turned the corner and continued rolling along. What a blessing!

More than 1,000 young ladies audition each year for the chance to be named the Rose Queen or a member of her quart. They make nearly 150 public and media appearances throughout the year. Having met the uncle of one of the Princesses last night at an ice cream shop, we were anxious to see "Princess Jasmine" this morning. They were lovely!
There was an incredible fly over from an Air Force B-2. It was silent, we couldn't believe it.
We watched this float being assembled. What a treat to watch it come down the parade route. This has been an amazing experience!
Goodluck Penn State University!
Some of the PSU Cheerleaders
We watched this float as it was being decorated on Tuesday. Of course we noticed "Alex" - Christi's little lemonade stand friend from Philly and thought of her too.
Shayla, the Munchkin, with the "Wizard of Oz" float
At the very end of the parade, perhaps to choke us up - just kidding, the Ronald McDonald House float.


At 1/1/09 9:32 PM, Anonymous nancy said...

I must say you people sure know how to enjoy life to the fullest. So glad you are able to do all that you do because you deserve a lot of sunny days. And it is so nice to enjoy places I probably will never make it to thru your pictures and comments. Keep on enjoying you know, it can be too short. Shayla just gets more adorable every day...Also congrats Angela for all you have and are accomplishing. NOt to leave Shayne out, he is a super dad!!

At 2/1/09 8:56 AM, Blogger HeatherB said...

The parade looks amazing! Looks and sounds like you all are having a delightful time in California! Bring me back some warm weather please? :)

Lots of love,

At 2/1/09 10:13 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

wondering if shay shay could educate us non equestrians about english vs. western riding

At 2/1/09 7:06 PM, Anonymous Anne said...

My parents were there, too! At both the parade and the game. :-)

At 2/1/09 10:32 PM, Blogger Sandra said...

I have lived just a few miles from Pasadena my entire life (temple city) and driven down colorado blvd daily at times, but never braved the parade -only on tv- even though my brother marched it twice a few years ago! Always fun to hear "outsiders" perspective of it. Glad Shayla has enjoyed her visit here! Now I live in Phoenix so I will head back there on Sunday.. maybe someday I will come back as a visitor and actually go to the parade!

At 6/1/09 2:08 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just a funny I caught in your post. You wrote the queen's quart. I'm for sure you meant the queen's court instead. :)


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