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Thursday, January 29, 2009

R & R

After many jam-packed days, they took a break yesterday and hung out at home. Shayla told me she finished two books and she's nearly finished with the other two she packed. (She'll be happy to know that I picked up the two books she had on order at the library when she gets back.) When I asked my mom what they would be doing on their final day together she told me she gave Shayla some options, but Shayla asked if she could do a "combo package". (It must have been hard to decide.) What a hoot! As I told Shayne late last night, "Since no one has told her no all week, why would anyone start now?!"

Regardless of what they get into today, I'm anxious for her return tomorrow. She has a very early flight back home and then I will take her to her 11:30 doctor appointment with her vision therapist, Dr. Z, in Toledo. Hopefully, we'll have a good check up, yet I know sometimes "these kids" start reverting back to their old eye problems. I dread the thought of doing all of those eye exercises again, but it truly worked like a miracle for Miss Shayla taking her from reading below grade level to reading above grade level in a matter of months.

When Shay told me earlier this week she played "tug-a-war" with a tiger, I had a hard time believing her. Now I see that she did, what fun!

She really enjoyed learning about "Egypt" at Busch Gardens. She will return home with a Busch Gardens Season Pass, much to my shock. Mom and Joe have them and apparently, it was "only $2.00 more" to get a pass for a year since she was going for two days. I guess we'll have to go back now, wink.

While driving recently, Shayla was listening to me talk with Joe. When I hung up she asked me, "Why do you call him Joe and not Step Dad?" I told her that sounded so formal. She said, "But he is your step dad so why do you call him by his first name? He might think you don't like him because you don't call him step-dad." I told her that I love him as much as I loved my own dad and that he is my dad, but my other dad died when I was in my twenty's so I call him by his first name, Joe, perhaps because he wasn't my dad while I was growing up. We then talked about my deceased father she said she imagines him like Father Joe. When I asked her why she said, "Because in that picture where he's with Nonee, he looks like Father Joe." I had to agree, he does. I also asked her if I talk too much about Christi and she said without hesitation, "(laugh) Of course not! Why would you say that? I miss Christi so much too and I can tell you things about her you never knew." Shayne later told me he was glad I asked Shayla that because he was concerned about that too.

Thanks, mom and "Step-Dad" (wink) for blessing our little sweetie with a most special and spectacular visit. She will forever remember this week! THANK YOU sooooooooooooo much! Now don't "forget" to put her on that plane tomorrow morning and keep her. She has a ton of homework to do this weekend. I'm certain the huge snow piles will be calling her name too.


At 29/1/09 7:34 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Angela, I've got to say, you're mom and "step-dad" Joe are just the cutest couple ever! They're always smiling sweetly and they so obviously adore Shayla. Oh, how they must miss Christi, too! To Joe and Nonee, I am so very sorry for your loss (of Christi) as well. I'm so glad Shayla is such an exceptional child -- NOT that ANY other child could EVER replace Christi, but I'm just glad that you ALL have Shayla in your life to bring so much happiness.

Safe travels home Shayla!

At 29/1/09 5:06 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

How wonderful that they kept you updated with such fun photos as Shayla was in Florida. It is fun to see Shay's fun adventures & read about the different activities they do each day. Safe travels for your darling daughter tomorrow!!!

At 29/1/09 5:47 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I can't believe that your mom and stepdad live so close to me that they spent two days at Busch Gardens! I wish I could have had a chance to meet up with them and Shayla; maybe the next trip will be during a school break here. I've been following your site for almost three years now. Tomorrow night I fly into Columbus to visit my older daughter; close to you!
Karen in Tampa

At 29/1/09 8:43 PM, Blogger Olivia said...

Shayla, you look like you have been living the life! I hope you have safe travels tomorrow!

At 29/1/09 9:15 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Looks like you had a blast, Shayla! Have a safe trip home. :)

Michelle Stokes
Wylie, TX


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