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Friday, June 05, 2009

Annual trip to the Amish Country

My mom always thought Christi would love going to Amish country, seeing the beautiful country side and all of the animals she was so crazy about. Unfortunately, she suffered from carsickness so driving over 2 hours (along with many hills and curves) was never an option. The summer following her death, Shayla and I took our first real trip to Amish Country with mom and Joe.
Now it's something I really look forward to doing with them each summer. This year we had the date on our calendar for many months. We just couldn't wait for Shayla to be finished with school so we could go. What a glorious day we shared! I just wish Christi would have been with us in person, instead of in spirit.

Feeding darling baby goats
Goofing around with grandma in the store. (Boy did this photo shock me when I saw it! I had no idea! I was busy buying pies and apparently they were stirring up some silliness!)
With buggies parked for the animal auction

Shayla loves her grandpa and she loved her buggy ride too.

Amish Country, 2007
Amish Country, 2008
Amish Country, 2009

Oldie, but Goodie: When Santa came to our door in 2001, Christi ran and hid behind a chair! Hmmmmmmmmmmm, perhaps she wasn't "good" that year?!


At 7/6/09 5:46 PM, Blogger Lisa D :) said...

I've been many times to Amish country in Lancaster PA, so know how much fun there is to be had there. It looks like Ohio's is just as interesting and fun to visit. So glad you all had a nice time. Love that photo of your mom and Shayla! Too funny!

At 8/6/09 12:24 PM, Anonymous Tara Carrico said...

Okay, I'm from Iowa and my daughter and parents would LOVE to go to Amish Country, but where exactly is it?? :-)

Congratulations on your new position!

At 8/6/09 9:38 PM, Blogger Jessica said...

Great pictures! I've been to one Amish community in Missouri and I had a great time. I came home with some wonderful fresh ground spices and seasonings.


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