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Saturday, May 30, 2009

2009 Christi Thomas Memorial Poker Run

The Tiffin Moose had this sweet sign out on the front lawn advertising today's benefit.
Again this year, the tee shirts were lovely! THANK YOU!
Many thanks to Tiffin City's finest for the police escort through town. (I'll never forget the police officers, wearing their dress blues, saluting throughout Christi's entire funeral procession. I understand it was twenty minutes long and they were so impressive then - and now!)

I didn't think it would be emotional, but then suddenly it hit me and then tears started flowing and wouldn't stop as over 100 motorcycles rode by us at noon today. Christi used to love to watch the motorcycle parade, even though I don't think she ever really "got" why it was all going on. Also, I'll never forget the 2006 CT Poker Run, when Christi was in the hospital in Philadelphia. Shayne called from his cell phone so that she could hear the "roar" they made as they rode by him and she wanted him to count the motorcycles for her. He did, over 100. On the day of her funeral, many of those same sweet ladies and gentleman came out (70 bikes) to give her a final escort to her resting place. I couldn't help but think of their kindness as I tried to take pictures while wiping away gushing tears.

This was terribly emotional too. Uncle Steve bought Uncle John's motorcycle and rode in the poker run for the first time today, just as Uncle John always did. Jenny drove up with a friend for the meal. While I told her it was so hard to see Uncle Steve on Uncle John's bike she assured me, "John wanted him to have it and would be glad he's here riding it for him today." In 2006, Jenny had a new motorcycle "trike" and she was going to ride with Christi to lead the group through town, but Christi was in the hospital. I understand Jenny was terribly disappointed. I know Chrsiti would have really loved that too! Hopefully, today in Heaven, Uncle John was giving Christi and all of her angel friends motorcycle rides.
Beautiful girls, inside and out, serving the chicken dinner - again! What love!
We discovered many photos of Uncle John. Here Jenny is looking at them. My heart breaks for her as she starts this new life without John. She is soooooooooo sweet!
An incredible turnout and a gorgeous day! What a blessing!
Sweet, long-time friends enjoying the meal after their ride.

I don't have the official count yet, but when we headed out so we could watch all of the motorcycles ride by us at noon, there were 108 motorcycles registered for today's ride. Simply amazing! One sweet lady came up and introduced herself to me as a former cheerleading coach too. She said, "This really shows you how many lives Christi touched." She went on to say, "I looked up and saw your family standing in the back of the truck waving to us all as we started off and I thought it was so great to see you, then I could see you and your husband were crying and I couldn't look at you anymore because it hit me so hard as to why we were all gathered here today and I cried all the way out of town." I could only squeak out, "We miss her so much." We really, really do.
Shayla helped us work registration this morning. She's a trooper!

The Thomas Team thanks to everyone for coming out today and for spending countless hours and dollars making today's fundraiser for Christi's Memorial Fund a tremendous success. May God richly bless you all! THANK YOU!


At 30/5/09 9:54 PM, Blogger Olivia said...

What a beautiful tribute. We miss Christi too. So very, very much.


At 1/6/09 2:54 PM, Anonymous Amber xx said...

I really do love and miss you so much Christi Thomas! , I just wish I would have been given the wonderful oppurtunity to meet you in person xx - Im sure I will be granted that wish on the glorious day that I am able to be in heaven with you. Angela my heart aches for you , I cant even begin to imagine the pain of losing a child at such a young age, (Shayla is such a sweetheart!) May god bless the thomas team !!! -Amber xxx


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