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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Ritz Theatre Camp Scholarships in Christi's Memory

(PIC: Center - Christi's last theatre camp, June 2006) Some may remember Christi's fondness of theatre and of attending the Ritz Theatre's Youth Summer Camp. Again for the third year year we donated a scholarship in Christi's memory so that a needy child from Tiffin City Schools would be able to attend. Much to our surprise and delight that sweet gal from NYC donated one again this year too for another child to get to attend, then much to our shock, her mom did one too! God's people are good!

This is what this amazing and thoughtful gal from NYC wrote to the Ritz Director:
You probably don't remember me. I'm _________ and I'd like to donate two scholarships for kids for the Ritz Theatre's summer theatre camp for this summer in memory of Christi Thomas. I am sending you (well my mom is) a check today.

I hope someone will really enjoy the summer camp and remember always that it is the beautiful Christi (who was my age) who sent them not really me.


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