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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Criminal Charges Filed against Hope Jackson

I’ve received the go ahead to post Hope Jackson’s mugshot and her other information. This is public information. Hope Jackson has pending criminal charges against her in Arlington, TX for scamming the sweet and talented Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders. She also has pending charges in several other states for theft by deception / fraud as she has also scammed many other people/groups with Christi's story. She has apologized to me and said she was sorry. Of course I could not respond, but in my head I was thinking, “You are only sorry you got caught.” Much to our shock and surprise, we learned about this situation last fall when a group she had been scamming over a period of time did their own investigation, which led them to Christi's website. Detectives have been working hard putting many different cases together. For years Hope Jackson Williams has been taking Christi’s photos off of this website and then pretending to be me to scam others (mainly famous people, but not always) by saying Christi is her dying daughter. She has used a voiceover software of some sort so the sweet people she is scamming actually think they are talking with Christi at times. She has changed our names and has our story down really well. As one detective jokingly told me, “I think she knows your story better than you do.” I’m just sickened and saddened that this has happened and that others were hurt as a result. This website was never set up to do anything like that and I hope all of the good people in the world keep doing nice things to help others, truly in need. The teacher in me is glad that Shayla could learn a life lesson through all of this. She tends to be naive. Shayla now knows that most people are good, but not everyone is and some who look innocent are far from that. When the girls were little I would tell them if they ever got lost to go to someone who looked like a mommy and ask for help. Now I keep looking at this mugshot of a mommy and think, “Oh, I’m so glad my girls didn’t go to her for help – yikes!” LOL! My heart absolutely breaks for her poor children. I am so glad that I was richly blessed with a wonderful mother in my life.

HOPE JACKSON Date of Birth: July 18, 1976

Social Security Number: 517-92-2730

Eye Color: Blue Hair Color: Brown

Height: 5’ 8” Weight 165

2011: Divorced from Rich Williams (Married August 14, 1999).

Mother of two: a  son and a daughter.

Hope was employed at Taco Bell in Billings, Montana

Hope Graduated in 1995 from Laurel High School in Billings, Montana.

If you think you are being victimized, or have been victimized, please contact: Sergeant Cable Johnson (email) Arlington Police Department 620 West Division St. Arlington, TX 76011 (817) 459-5670


At 31/5/12 4:50 PM, Anonymous Lorie MIller said...

It is very sad all the way around. She will eventually have to answer to God. I can understand the way you feel about the forgiveness speech. It was probably suggested by her lawyer. If she had only used her mind for good instead of evil. I lost my niece Alonna to Neuroblastoma in August of 2002. She fought long and hard for four years. Your family is and has been in my thoughts and my prayers.

At 31/5/12 6:51 PM, Blogger erin. said...

Oh my goodness! What a psycho! However, I am very glad to see that she was finally caught & hopefully charged to the fullest extent of the law.

At 1/6/12 9:53 AM, Blogger Manda Panda said...

The news of this woman's behaviour completely shocks and sickens me. I am delighted that she has been caught and charged, though.

I have followed your website since 2005 and am continually moved by your courage. This scamming and fraud is an insult to you and to Christie's memory.

You are in my thoughts and prayers.

Amanda x

At 1/6/12 2:31 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

So very sorry Christi's been used in such a horrific way by a sick and evil nut case. Why doesn't she appreciate and enjoy having healthy children instead of stealing from others at your sweet angel's expense? Hope she spends years and years behind bars for this. No amount of therapy could fix such a sick and disgusting person. She did this for years? She's a disgrace! Keep us posted about this horrid thief!

At 2/6/12 9:34 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am stunned and saddened...but not surprised. People are sick! I hope they start prosecuting her and give her what she deserves - jail time!

At 3/6/12 10:04 AM, Blogger Sammie Ryan said...

Dear Angela this is such a horrid thing to do.
For all the good people in the world there really are evil ones out there.
I am totally disgusted by this woman.

Thinking of all the Thomas Team.

Love Sam (Dublin-Ireland)xxx

At 4/6/12 2:41 PM, Blogger Robin said...

I am so sorry this happened to you and to the poor people she has scammed. This is terrible. I can't imagine a mother especially, doing such a thing.

At 4/6/12 4:26 PM, Blogger Christy said... awful. I'm glad she has been caught, but so sorry for the pain her evilness has cause you all.
I've followed Christi's site for many all are an amazing family who does so much good for others. It's a shame someone would use your sweet girl in such an awful way.
hugs to you.

At 4/6/12 11:54 PM, Blogger tulip said...

I'm so relieved this woman has been caught and will no longer be allowed to do harm like this to your family and others.

I completely understand how you reacted to her apology. However, I would encourage you, whether she is sincere or not, to forgive her for her actions. Forgiveness does not excuse what she has done and she must pay for her crimes. I know you don't want to do this and it's completely understandable.

However, Christ tells us to pray for our enemies and do good to those who persecute us (Matthew 5:44 See also Matthew 6:14, Matthew 18:34-35, Matthew 5:7, Matthew 7:2, Mark 11:25). Pray for her to truly repent and accept Christ as her Savior. She is truly lost and needs our prayers.

Blessings to you and your sweet family!

At 5/6/12 4:15 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

She must be mentally ill to do something so horrid as that - and for years. Geez! I'm sorry for all she's stolen from and know she will get what's due to her, not just here on earth but, when she faces God then burns in hell for all enternity for her sins. She's a sad, sad case. I will pray for her children. You can't change her but her kids should not repeat this cycle which usually happens.

At 6/6/12 8:15 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm praying for your family. What a terrible thing to go through! May you find peace. I'm also praying for Hope Jackson's children. They were raised by a woman with no morals, and now they'll likely have no mother because she'll be in prison -- because she cared more about pursuing her own greed than about the family of a child with NB or her own kids!

I am just so, so sorry.

At 6/6/12 8:36 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Do not forgive Hope Jackson, Thomas team. That means you are saying it's ok what she did to others and she can keep on doing it as my gut tells me she will. Stay strong, Thomas team. Just ignore her. You owe her nothing. She has just taken away from all ill children when they really need help. Hope she is in jail 4-ever!

At 6/6/12 1:03 PM, Blogger snekcip said...

So incredibly disgusted and truly sorry for what this woman done. I'm here to amount of evil can ever overshadow all the good that has come from the many people your precious Christy has touch and continually inspire. What this woman intended for Evil, God has already turned it around for Good. I trust and believe in that. I 'm keeping your family uplifted and covered in prayer.

At 7/6/12 8:30 PM, Blogger Mum2twopreciousgifts said...

As someone who has had the honour of praying for Christi, you, Shayne and Shayla since early in 2006, I was beyond disgusted to think that anyone could inflict more pain on you all.

May God grant you the strength to cope with this hurdle.

God Bless you all.

Michelle from Australia xx

At 10/6/12 7:26 PM, Anonymous Nancy Carbiener said...

This is just so sickening. I was just scammed this past week but not as in the same situation as you have been. Every scam is terrible but yours is unbelievable. I have been following Christi's illness since the very first posting. I almost feel that you are personal friends of mine and still feel your loss in my heart. I pray for your family daily along with prayers for personal friends of mine that have children suffering from the same disease. God Bless you and your family! Nancy, Appleton WI

At 9/7/12 11:51 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

First off, let me say I have never heard of your story before tonight when my brother called when someone forwarded him your information. That said, I am a cousin of Hope's, though I have not been around her for 24 years or so, nor spoken to her in over ten years. I do not know where she is, and yes, the family is all aware she has a mental problem with telling lies; which is why none of us have spoken to her in years.
It is a sad situation, you do not need to worry about forgiveness or retribution, she will do this for herself in time.
I too have a child with an illness, she is a type one diabetic who has had seven surguries so far, and as parents we need to focus all of our thought towards the positive and helping our children.
I gaurantee you if the family hears from Hope, it would contact the authorities, but we had no idea until now, though it will spread quickley now! Someone should have notified extended members of the family so that we knew what was going on if she attempted contact (Billings Police???)
Good luck to you and our deepest apology. Unfortunatley there is one in EVERY family. God Bless.

At 10/7/12 12:32 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

One last thing from the family, it would be nice if you removed her childrens names from your blog, please. Kids are cruel and it would take one person who knew them to see this and turn it against them. Her children are victums of circumstance and do not deserve to be ridiculed for their mothers mental illness. It is not their fault nor can having their names posted help you find Hope...Thank you!

At 6/11/13 1:40 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hope Jackson has been at it again -

At 29/3/14 9:36 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was just watching Nightline Prime and I can't believe what I am seeing. I grew up in Montana, and met Hope while camping there about 20 years ago. She and I became friends and she told me that she had cancer. We exchanged numbers and talked quite a bit. I believed I was a close friend, and I never thought she would lie about something like that. As time went on I began to realize something was not quite right. A few years later I walked into a fast food chain in my home town, and she was there working at the counter. I confronted her and she went in the back and wouldn't speak with me. I did feel scammed because I felt for her and cried for her as she told me how she was going to miss out on all the things I would get to do growing up. Clearly she has had some mental problems for quite some time. I feel terrible that she continued to scam others and on a much more cruel level of using other families sick children to do it. Its very sad all the way around.

At 3/4/14 8:53 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I just can't understand what would compel a person to do something like this. I am really sorry to hear about this and I hope everyone makes it through ok.

At 1/6/15 11:18 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Does anyone know where she lives now and the names of her children? Think she's at it again

At 10/11/15 6:42 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

She lives in Douglas, WY and works at McDonalds. She told me the scam was over how Brad Paisley charged her 5 grand just to sing to her on stage. I am a neighbor and an ex - employee BECAUSE of her. She is a pathetic, pathological liar who does therapy - which she just goes to just to feel sorry for her. She has THREE children - 1 of which she claims is a daughter that she had at 13 because her father raped her. She's the worst human being I have ever met and hope she crosses this site one day. She's an emotional hijacker. Watch out


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