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Friday, May 18, 2012

Little Update

I am updating with no real news!  I just wanted to share a few pictures and words.

Shayla really enjoyed being on the track team for her school this spring! Over the summer, she tried out for the volleyball team and didn't make it so it was great to learn that they did not cut for track! At one meet, she cleared the hurdle and then fell flat. I mean Superman pose, face plant down. Shayne and I were standing feet from her. We were both within a second of making a move when she got up and ran the rest of the race.  Of course we had two different things planned. I was ready to say, "Honey, come here are you ok?" because I could see blood! Shayne was ready to say, "Get up and run!" Oh, funny the differences between parents! I guess that's why kids need two when possible.
We thought she did great at each meet, even though she usually came in at the end of the pack.  Regardless, she had a wonderful time with her friends and we loved going to her meets to cheer her on.
We thought her band concert and her jazz band concerts this week were fabulous! She was invited to be in the jazz band by the directors and each Thursday morning she had to show up an hour before school for practice. I admire her dedication and work ethic. Never once did we have to go wake her up......actually she usually woke US up to tell us she needed a ride.  She's really amazing that way!  OK, in MANY ways, but I am her mom - I know I'm bias!

Due to Christi's love of roller coasters and Cedar Point, we went there to "celebrate" her 15th birthday. Shayne and I didn't ride anything and spent a great deal of time hugging and talking about Christi. Thankfully, Shayla had fun with her summer friend so she wasn't sad at all; she definitely was celebrating! We just wish Christi would have been riding the crazy coasters too! (And yes, we still call the Jr. Gemini the "Christi Coaster" every time we walk by it because she loved it so much!) I used to tell her that's what it was called. Then she read the sign one day - oops! Thankfully, she thought it was hillarious that she believed it was called the Christi Coaster! Miss that funny gal!
It was great to visit with mom on Mother's Day. Shayla suggested we all pose like something we'd be doing in our generation. She told mom to do the twist, told me to disco and she would text. What a hoot!


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