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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Happy 15th Birthday, Christi Thomas!

It's so hard to believe! If Christi would have lived, she would have turned 15 at 1:15 today. Last year's bday "celebration" was too emotional (visiting NYC teacher, giving a Ronald McDonald House donation, pediatric cancer fundraiser that night, etc.) so this year we will still do something Christi really liked, but it will hopefully not be so hard. Christi, we miss you to the moon and back! Fly, high, sweet princess until we see your beautiful face again! Happy Birthday! We love you! (PIC: Holding Christi for the very first time! Wow! It was awesome!)


At 12/5/12 1:29 PM, Blogger Sarah said...

Happy birthday Christi!

At 13/5/12 10:09 AM, Blogger Sammie Ryan said...

Wow Angela hard to believe that Christi would have turned 15.

She will always be loved and never forgotten.
She will always be your special angel.

Much love to you Angela, Shayne and Shayla.

Lots of Love

Sam (Dublin-Ireland)xxx

At 15/5/12 1:33 PM, Anonymous Amber said...

Happy birthday to the most sweet & beautiful angel in heaven, Christi Thomas. What a girl! Hoping you had a day that was as fabulous as you, which I'm sure of as you celebrated it in heaven. Although I never met you, I know that this earth has lost an incredible person, and for that (and so much more)I miss you with all of my being. Angela & Shayne, there's a good reason as to why Christi was so amazing, it's because you guys are too...and Shayla is just blossoming into a beautiful young lady, who I know Christi would be so proud of. Sent with a lot of love from the UK, Amber...Xxx

At 21/5/12 8:30 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday in Heaven My Child
Please help those all around me, to see and understand
That even though my child’s in heaven
The memories of our time together, are always here to stay
You see today is special, after all it’s my child’s birthday

I hope my friends will understand and see how much I care
And better yet can lend an ear, and smile as I share.
I pray they never lose a child or ever know this pain.
I just want them to know, my child’s memories remain

Oh yes today is special, another birthday it should be…
And yes I wish my child was here, but it wasn’t meant to be
I hope the angels sing aloud; I hope my child can see
As we celebrate their life and all their memories…

Love for our child begins so early and never goes away
And I’m grateful for their time on earth, but sad they couldn’t stay
Of course it wasn’t long enough, but how wonderful it was
Their laugh, their smile, but most of all, the gifts they left behind

So I hope that those around, can see beyond my smile
And my Words that, "I'm okay."
And know that yes today is special,
And join along with me
As we celebrate – today – my child’s birthday

At 17/3/13 11:43 PM, Blogger Kate S said...

Happy belated (almost back to May now!) birthday Christi!
I obviously never knew your family but have been reading your blog for years. My fiancé is planning to get his private pilots license and just booked his first "discovery" flight for May 12, 2013. He asked me which Sunday in May he should choose and when I saw that the 12th was a Sunday, I said "choose May 12!!"
I will be in the plane with him. I'll look for your face in the clouds, dear Christi!
-A blogger from Oregon


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