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Saturday, March 03, 2012

Terribly Sad News & Spring Break

I thought it was very important, after hearing from authorities, to post the criminal investigation that is going on with Hope Jackson. (And nearly immediately that post provide us with more information - thank you!) That post, however, prevented me from sharing some terrible news, the news of a neuroblastoma death - the death of a most amazing woman! Shayne first met the incredible Anna O'Conner when she was 18 years old and was in attendance at the Neuroblastoma Conference in Chicago. He described her as an incredibly beautiful, bright and well spoken 18 year old recently diagnosed with neuroblastoma. She asked a researcher at the conference, "Why is my disease so stubborn?" I don't believe Anna was ever NED, but she set the world on fire for a decade with her spark and spunk living with the disease and creating awareness like no one else could! Typically, Neuroblastoma in adults is very slow growing and therefore I thought she might just be one to make it because she was diagnosed as an adult. I bawled like a baby when I learned she died on leap day. I can't wait to see her in Heaven because she is one awesome woman! May her family some day find peace and comfort. They are an incredible family and certainly did not deserve this.

I also share other horrific news and ask you to pray for all the families involved. Sixteen members of one of our sororities (Alpha Xi Delta) were going to enjoy their spring break in the Dominican Republic, instead they are attending funerals of their sisters. Two cars, each carrying 5 girls, were on their way to the airport Friday morning when a 69 year old female driver, going the wrong direction on Interstate 75, came upon the cars. The first car swerved and missed the car going the wrong way, but then it hit the second car of girls head on. Four of the five girls are students in our College of Education at BGSU. Three of them died (along with the 69 year old driver of the other car) and the other two BGSU students are in critical condition. Our students were not at fault in any way and the State Highway Patrol say they could have done nothing to avoid it. Here is a link to this terrible story:

I'm not sure why I was permitted to drive the same road to the airport & safely arrive in Florida for spring break when these young women had their lives suddenly cut short. I've lived a full life and theirs were just getting started. I feel terribly guilty, yet I trust in God and his plan - even though I have MANY questions about this senseless tragedy. Please pray for BGSU and all involved. Rest in peace, fellow falcons. I am sooooo sorry!

I have been enjoying amazing weather & family in Florida! Something about grading papers in the sun makes everything better & reminds me of how incredibly blessed I am! Shayne took Shayla and some friends Square Dancing Friday night. They had a great time! At one point Shayne texted, "It's hard for these boys to spin the girls when they're a foot shorter!" LOL! Gotta love middle school!


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