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Monday, June 24, 2013

Modeling in the Miss Ohio Style Show (Tuesday)

Monday was filled with rehearsals and dinner with the Miss contestants at Applebee's.  Tuesday was filled with Style Show rehearsals and then at 5:15 the doors open for a "Taste of Mansfield" which Shayne and I enjoyed followed by the evening's style show - what fun!  Shayla modeled a casual and a formal outfit - and she had a ball!  Much to her surprise, a friend she made at the national pageant when we went to watch last summer, flew in from New Hampshire to cheer for Shayla at her teen pageant on Wednesday!  (She is the pretty gal in white dress who recently won 3rd runner up to Miss New Hampshire's Outstanding teen.)  It was the sweetest!


At 25/6/13 3:22 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just to say - it looks like Shayla did a brilliant job! I haven't commented much of late, but often check in and think of Christi. Shayla looks so grown-up, it's hard to imagine her as a younger sister. Blessings to you and Shayne and congratulations on raising such a poised and intelligent-sounding girl!


At 26/6/13 11:39 AM, Blogger April said...

Oh my, she has turned into a beautiful young woman!!

I bet Christi has a huge smile and proud of her little sister!!

At 28/6/13 9:00 AM, Blogger snekcip said...

That Shayla is GORGEOUS!!! She will ALWAYS BE A WINNER IN MY BOOK!!!


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