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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Shayla's Alex's Lemonade Stand at the Univeristy

Hello, sweet Bloggers!  All is well with the Thomas team!  Shayla had a great 15th birthday last week. It's been a very crazy winter for us; Shayla's school (which rarely closes for poor weather) has now been closed 13 days!  I think she will be going to school much of this summer now!  
Shayla on her 15th birthday.  We got her a few small gifts, mainly books and she had a great day!  School was awesome and then she went to Heidelberg University's "Fireside Cafe" with friends after school followed by three hours of dance classes.  I went in and sliced her birthday cake and sent it home with the dancers as they left the studio.

Shayla is looking forward to her "Lemon Ball" birthday fundrasier for Alex's Lemonade Stand.  She wants to raise $1500.00 and so far, thanks to sweet donors, she has raised $900.  

Yesterday, she had a great day at my university.  I took her to work with me and while I worked, she partnered up with some fabulous BGSU students and they held an Alex's Lemonade Stand.  Shayla wrote:

Perspective Student Day at BGSU also makes for an optimal lemonade stand day! Our stand was in the heart of the Union fed by the perspective student traffic and hungry BG college students. This year our donations were upped by some celebrity endorsements:  Frieda and Freddie Falcon, BGSU's beloved mascots!  Thank you to CMLA for partnering with me again this year!  I'm happy we raised over $200.00!

Of course I thought she'd ask me great questions about potential majors and other academic items on our way home from campus, but no she said, "I think I'd like to be Frieda!  What are tryouts like?"  Oh, my!  NOT what I was hoping for!  What a hoot!  But seriously, I think she could do it:  She's outgoing, bubbly, loves people and has TONS of energy!  


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