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Wednesday, February 05, 2014

Shayla's Lemon Ball - a fundraiser for her 15th birthday

Shayla says:  As you probably already know, instead of having a birthday party or receiving gifts for my birthday this year, I've asked my parents to secure a space and to hire a DJ for a "Lemon Ball" - a fundraiser for Alex's Lemonade Stand where my friends will wear their "old" homecoming dresses and come to a dance party!  No gifts will be accepted, unless it's a donation to ALSF!  Well, most all of the invitations have been distributed and my fundraising goal set!  It's almost time for the Lemon Ball!  

If you're interested in helping me achieve my goal of raising $1,500 for Alex's Lemonade Stand at this event, please click here. It will take you to my "Lemon Ball" fundraising page where you can easily donate to this deserving cause. I'm most appreciative of those who have already donated and of those who are considering. Thank you for allowing researchers to find the cure that's needed for children and their families everywhere!

In case the hyperlink above isn't working, here is the link:


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