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Thursday, February 20, 2014

Shayla's First Hospital Visit as a CMN Ambassador

This post was written by Shayla.  I'm amazed at her maturity, compassion and desire to help others.  
I've spent hundreds of days living in hospital rooms during my sister's cancer treatments. During the four years of treatments, countless visitors stopped by our little rooms to brighten our days. Recently, it was my first time to serve as the person on "the other side" - the one delivering the cheer and good wishes instead of receiving them and I loved it!

I was invited by a hospital employee to visit Mercy Children's Hospital in Toledo as Miss Mansfield's Outstanding Teen. CMN is the national charity of the Miss America Scholarship Program.  As a local titleholder, I am encouraged to serve as one of our state's CMN ambassadors, donating my time in the hospitals. I am happy to invest hours in supporting this wonderful cause.  Christi treated at two CMN hospitals:  Nationwide Children's in Columbus and the Children's Hopstial of Philadelpia (CHOP).  

I felt like Santa Clause as I pushed a big cart exploding with a variety of stuffed animals. In each room, the children picked out a toy and we'd talk for a while before I headed to the next room. I was able to visit 13-16 families.  One little girl was so sweet, she presented me with a homemade bracelet; I immediately slipped it on my wrist. 

I wasn't sure what to expect heading into the visit, but the families were glad for the toys and incredibly welcoming of me. I enjoyed helping them pass the time.  At the end of our day, the sweet hospital worker told me I did a wonderful job and asked me to come back in the spring. I definitely will!Get well, sweet children!  You are in my prayers! 

The sweet hospital lady said to these two gentlemen, "Would you like your picture taken with Miss Mansfield's Teen?" and I heard my mom whisper to herself, "I bet Shayla would like her picture taken with YOU!"  We had to laugh about that later!

Thanks to these awesome employees of Mercy Children's at Toledo!  Thank you for inviting me!
I loved helping out!  You rock!


At 14/3/14 12:54 PM, Blogger Robin said...

Shayla you've developed into such a beautiful and inspirational young woman. Your sister would be so proud of you.


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