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Sunday, April 20, 2008

Leasing Skeeter

We know this horse leasing contract we've taken on is a HUGE responsibility so Shayne has committed to making all of Shayla's lessons and to being at the fair to take over, if needed, this summer. (Shayla's mom is really nervous around large animals and those instructors could obviously see right through her, despite her trying to smile and act confident! Hee! Oh, well!) I'm thrilled Shayne can be flexible with his schedule and that he's such an amazing dad to let her do all of this! We are so blessed. I've been working with her on the project books while Shayne has been teaching her how to tie the knots, etc.
Thankfully Kelsey, without a horse for the first time in about ten years, has volunteered to help Shayla by working with her once a week. Shayla adores Kelsey and since she just happens to be her class's Valedictorian, graduating in May, we think she knows just what to teach Shayla. Praise God for Kelsey! (Kelsey walked the "riderless horse" for Christi's funeral, not too long after she had Christi come out and ride her horse - see picture. From my view, behind Christi's hearse, I thought it was beautiful, but I understand it was very hard for Kelsey who had tears flowing the entire journey from the funeral home to the church.

Shayla needed to submit a photo of Skeeter by May 1st, in order to enter at the fair. Here he is! A beautiful Bay Gelding, 15 hands high. (How about that?! I'm learning a lot! It was really interesting to learn how a horse is measured, etc.!) And the instructor did scold me for wearing sandals to the barn, oops!
Shayla receives directions from her wonderful teacher she's taken lessons with her for the past 14 months. Shayla has decided to enter in both Western and English areas at the fair so I will also be looking for both an English and a Western riding outfit. (I did rush out to Wal-Mart and purchace her the long black pants!) I guess the "swap meets" are over for the year, but Ebay should be a good option for us.

Shayla attended her first 4H club for her Riding Club recently and came on "in the office". (Smile.) After they elected Officers, they assigned committees for those who were interested. (It's a big club - about 25 girls ages 8-18.) Of course Shayla's hand shot up when they asked who was interested. We really don't know if she's on the party planning committee (right up her alley!) or the safety presentations committee, as we were sitting in the back, but they let her go up and sit at the front table with her mentor and she just beamed. Getting back in the van, she said to us, "I just can't believe I am in the office!" We held back our laughter, not wanting to tell she's really just serving on a committee.

I think Shayne had a nice birthday yesterday, even though it was a long, exhausting day. After his challenging bike ride, we took off for Columbus where we throughougly enjoyed watching the "Mid-Ohio Walking Horse Show" in Hillard with Marty and Jeff. Then it was on to watch two of Ashley's Varsity Lacrosse games - in the cold, rain at two different Columbus High Schools. We LOVED it!! (And it went against everything my mother taught me "Play nice and don't run with sticks!") She's an amazing sport and it was so awesome to watch her and her teammates!! I learned she put "Christi Can" on her Lacrosse stick and I was very touched. It's hard to believe she'll be off to college next year, also graduating at the very top of her class - a class of over 700; she's simply amazing!

We were able to share Shayne's cake with everyone where it produced some great laughs. It actually tasted very good, despite it's "curb appeal". We gave our little nephew an iPod shuffle for his birthday and the look on his face was priceless! His mom told him he could have one when he turned 17 so he was very reserved, and VERY happy! Late this afternoon, I will take Shayla to her 4-H meeting. While being in two 4-H clubs was probably not the best way to get started with 4-H, I continue to be very impressed with the advisors and parents and I just sit in the back for the meetings, which last a couple of hours, and I get a lot of reading done for my classes. Take care, be well and have a great week!


At 20/4/08 11:41 AM, Blogger Olivia said...

It certainly sounds like you had a very busy day yesterday. Shayne, I hope you're relaxing after that amazing bike run too.

Shayla, your horse is beautiful! Thanks so much for sharing all of those pictures. I love hearing about all of your preparation for the fair. :o)

Angela, I looove the fact that you spend the meetings reading. That made me smile. I can't tell you how many times I've missed my train and bus stops for that very same reason. It's embarrasing really! I hope your course work is coming along well.

Loads of love,

At 21/4/08 8:29 AM, Blogger ClarkFamily said...

I just wanted to stop in and say Hello and Happey Belated Birthday to Shayne ... I have been reading all your updates and following I just haven't commented ... I continue to think of your Christi and family daily ... GOOD LUCK Shayla with all your 4H meetings and entires ... you have grown up so fast ...

At 21/4/08 11:45 AM, Blogger Lindsay D'agrosa said...

you guys are incredible.


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