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Thursday, June 05, 2008

OSU Classes? NO MORE!!!

Recently, I attended my final course for my Ph.D. program at Ohio State. I still cannot believe it. With the exception of 1999-2003, I’ve been going to school continually since I was five years old!! Yes, I will still be paying tuition and officially a full time student (working on my candidacy exams all summer and if I pass, then my dissertation research begins) but I will no longer be making that dreaded two hour drive to Columbus after work. I have finally transitioned to the independent part of my program. Praise the Lord!! I drove to campus with periodic tears for that final class. I must admit they were a little bit for sadness, as I will miss some amazing individuals and professors, but mainly they were tears of joy and gratitude! I could never have reached this milestone alone! Shayla asked me if I was going to do a cartwheel after class, like I did a year ago when I finished my residency, but I told her that my 40 year old back isn't as good as my 39 year old one was! (She laughed!)

I remember vividly before leaving for my very first doc class in January of 2004. Shayne made the comment, “Just don’t fall for some good looking phys. ed. teacher getting his Ph.D.” I’ve chuckled about that many times because in all of my quarters of coursework, it has been about 95% female! Regardless, with each and every journey I’ve prayed for safe travels, and after Christi’s death I’ve had some great conversations with her. With the exception of taking out one buzzard and hitting one deer, I never had a serious accident or received a speeding ticket. God is good!!

As I neared home, my Ohio State flag was proudly flying out the side of my window and the Ohio State fight song blared. (Yeppers, I played that CD of the same seven Ohio State songs over and over for all four hours in my van! How could I not?!) Suddenly, there was the most magnificent rainbow off to my right side. I cried and thanked God for making this amazing journey take place. It was like he was giving me a sign of His promise made many years ago that I would somehow survive and although it’s far from over, this was a huge milestone I’m so glad to have made it this far! (Trust me, there were many times when I never thought I would!! And many more when I've asked myself, "Why are you doing this??") Thanks be to God and to all who have helped me with this dream, especially Shayne (my funding source and inspiration) and friends and family who’ve lovingly provided child care for the girls! As I begin the ultimate challenge this summer (my candidacy exams) any prayers sent this way are definitely appreciated! Thank you!!! I am filled with great anxiety!

(PIC: Christi, on OSU's campus)


At 5/6/08 5:29 PM, Blogger HeatherB said...


Love to you!!


At 6/6/08 2:54 AM, Blogger Sandra said...

Angela, you are truly and inspiration. Congrats on such an amazing acomplishment. The world is proud of you.... and I am sure Christi is beaming in heaven...

At 6/6/08 9:29 AM, Anonymous Pam Porter said...

Congratulations!!!! I am so happy for you!

At 6/6/08 9:19 PM, Anonymous Micaela said...

Hehe, it made me giggle remember when you hit that buzzard about two years ago. Christi got a kick out of that one!

Congrats Angela!!!!!!!!!!


At 6/6/08 11:32 PM, Blogger Devan said...

Glad to hear that your classes are OVER - I am thinking of changing careers and starting a teaching one of my own! (NO more tax seasons - CPA stuff, etc.) Anyway, CONGRATS! Hate to hear it though that you guys were in the great state of KY yet again (without seeing US) - next time be sure to contact us! I have 10 and 6 year old girls, and a 4 year old boy (who knows and loves Christi and Shayla), who would all love to "see ya'"! We just had our "Christi Tea Party" last week and everything was wonderful - we all said a special prayer and even sang Happy Birthday to Christi! My little brother stopped by later and I was able to share your story and one of the chocolate lolly-pops with him - I could tell he was really touched as the kids rushed to tell him all about how "special" it all was! You are always in our thoughts and prayers! God Bless!


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