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Wednesday, July 02, 2008

With Us

Although I hadn't said anything to Shayne, I had not seen any "orbs" in recent pictures. This morning when I came downstairs, I noticed that Shayne changed the screen saver on our computer to this picture. I didn't see it before, but clearly there is an orb on my shirt, almost touching my heart, making our family of four complete. Thanks, Christi!

(Summer 2006; enjoying those last days with Grandma and Paw Paw. Now I have no idea what they are playing, or why my mother let Shayla wear a pink shirt with red shorts and put paper in her mouth, seems anything goes at grandma's house!)I try not to consume myself with other neuroblastoma victims because it is so sad. These kids just don't have a chance. Although typically restricting itself to the youngest of children that is not always the case. I learned this week, through a neuroblastoma mom I used to keep in close contact with since both of our "kids" were in treatment, that Nancy's son, Joe, died this week, after suffering terribly at the end. I was especially drawn to him as he was fighting neuroblastoma while going to college to become a TEACHER! Well, he did it! He graduated and taught last year, despite declining health. I'm positive his students loved him and truly learned important life's lessons from him. I had been praying for the past couple of weeks, as he was dying, for Christi to be waiting for him at Heaven's gates. Because she loved her teachers so much, I know they share a special bond. Our hearts are heavy for Joe's family left behind. I hope Joe sends his family "signs" because whether they are real or not, they give us comfort!


At 2/7/08 7:21 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

What a neat picture, I'm so glad you noticed the "orb" Angela. I'm sure it brings great comfort, and I'm glad for you that Christi continues to "be there" in these ways.
Shayla did a great job on her poster! I'm so glad she's enjoying 4H!

At 2/7/08 4:07 PM, Anonymous Anna said...

There is also a bigger orb next to your head Angela - maybe your dad?

Well the pink and red outfit is not very clashy at all - it's the paper that is confusing me? (you'll have to ask Nonee what else she let's them eat :)

At 2/7/08 9:30 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Thomas Team!!

What awesome pictures! I don't know if you noticed, Angela, but I think there is a second orb in that picture, just over your shoulder. :)

I love that picture of Christi and Shayla. You are SO right- anything goes at Grandma's! There were 2 times when I was younger when Grandma let me have ice cream for breakfast. Heehee.

The story of the NB victim brought tears to my eyes. How sad!!

At 3/7/08 8:53 AM, Blogger Mimi said...

Hey what happens at grandma's stays at the vegas


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