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Saturday, May 16, 2009

Rest in Peace, Uncle John

Shayne notified me at 8:30 yesterday morning that Uncle John passed away. Although we knew it wouldn't be long, as he had been diagnosed with cancer, I still had to walk out of my classroom to get myself together. This is how I would like to remember Shayne's Uncle John, happy and feeling well. (Christmas Party, 2005)
(Uncle John, far left, was always a huge supporter of the Christi Thomas Poker Runs. He will be missed, photo June 2004) I hope he's giving Christi motorcycle rides in Heaven (and that's she's wearing a helmet) although when I told that to Shayla after school she told me that they probably didn't have helmets in Heaven because everything is probably soft and cushy with no pain or accidents. Good point, Shay.
I'm glad we were able to spend some time with John at Tony's wedding on May 3rd. Although he was in a lot of pain from the disease, we were able to talk with him such a short time ago. He asked Shayla about her horse. While I know John is happy to be reunited with his mom and dad, my thoughts are with sweet Jenny, left here behind!


At 16/5/09 11:34 AM, Anonymous Amber Furniss said...

R.I.P Uncle John - Did you enjoy your wonderful tour around heaven with christi? x I REALLY HATE CANCER !!! it destroys everything and makes me sssoooo mad ! I hope Christi had a fantastic 12th Birthday in heaven - Its strange to think that the 9 year old little girl we knew is going to be a teenager this time next year (WOW!!) We love you Christi Thomas xxx

Angela may god bless you,shayne and shayla xxx Im praying hard for you all here in the uk xx

At 16/5/09 11:10 PM, Blogger Lisa D :) said...

My condolences to all of you on your loss of yet another person to this awful disease :(

At 17/5/09 1:43 PM, Anonymous susy m said...

may he rest in peace. so much pain from this horrible disease.


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