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Saturday, May 09, 2009

Mother's Day

With "my girls" 2004, Washington DC - after going to the White House for the Egg Roll

I miss my dad too. Here he is, about 2nd grade, on Mother's Day with his grandmas, 1949 (Isn't he so cute?!)

My last Mother's Day card from precious Christi.
I miss you sweetie. This time of year is so hard. I can't believe your 12th birthday would be on Tuesday. It's been a very rough, emotional week, sweetie. I went through many of your things and put them in storage. I know the most important things in life are not things, but it's all I have left of you sweetpea, and I found myself clinging to your "stuff". Daddy said, "What possessed you to put that away now? You're braver than I am."
I really can't believe you were only 8 years old when you drew this for me. Your talent was so far beyond your years. May you be having a wonderful day in Heaven, because right now I just want to be with you so bad. I put the last of your things in a plastic tub this week. It all just stinks. Why you? Why not me?! Daddy misses you to pieces too! May God somehow help me through what I know will be a very trying week. I can only imagine how grand we would have made your 12th birthday, if only you would have made it. Please tell God to make your birthday in Heaven grandiose because I can't handle the thought of anything less for you.

Christi "feeding the horses" at mom's, 2005.


At 9/5/09 11:38 AM, Blogger MaryH said...

Happy Mother's Day, Angela - Christi will be so close on that special day for moms and especially on her birthday - not to worry - God always makes it great! I don't sign often enough - I hope Shayla is adjusting to school and if she has a bad day, just remember, Shayla - If you need to make a bad day a great day...HUG YOUR HORSE! It works. Christi people you never, ever knew on this Earth miss you and your brilliance. Happy Birthday, Beautiful Christi.

At 9/5/09 11:45 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

how poignantly you share your heartaches and pains angela. may God make it an easy week for you as difficult as it may be. I pray for strength for Shay and Shayne too.

At 9/5/09 12:23 PM, Blogger Grandpa John said...

My name is Grandpa John (John Raschke, Redford, MI) and this upcoming Friday May 15, 2009 I will begin a 330 +mile run to raise awareness of childhood cancer (neuroblastoma.)

When I look for heroes to hold high, your daughter Christi is tops. When I read of the treatment, set-backs and associated pain beautiful Christi endured I am amazed at not only her courage and strength, but of her family as well. I will carry her with me in spirt as I run ever holding her high for all to see.

I make Angel Christi and you her family this promise:

I shall continue to run until the cure is found. If I become too old or weak to continue on I will ask our Heavenly Father to carry me onward to the finish line - a cure.

God Bless
May He hold you gently in His arms of Love


At 9/5/09 3:49 PM, Anonymous Amber said...

Happy Mothers Day Angela , im sure that your angel christi will be watching you and sending all of her love just for you on this very difficult day your facing xx Angela Christi WILL have a splendid day in heaven on her 12th birthday - God will make certain that Christi the little princess recieves the most amazing royal treatment he has xxx May god bless you , i really cannot imagine the pain you're going through ! xxx (Please Remember Christi is always with you - no matter what!) xxx

At 9/5/09 4:44 PM, Blogger Mum2twopreciousgifts said...

Dear Angela

With prayers for strength for you today and this week.

With a hug from Australia.


At 12/5/09 10:11 AM, Blogger Mary Lynn said...

Happy Birthday to your sweet angel!


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