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Saturday, April 25, 2009

Goodbye, dear S.E.

Shayla wanted to take the camera Friday to take pictures of all of her classmates so I let her. She took about 77 pictures. (Like mother, like daughter - haa haa!) Here are the three pictures she was in. I thought they were all "great silly kid - happy tests are over" pictures!
It was a pretty sad day, but I think also a very good one. She asked Thursday night if she could buy ice cream for a whole table full of girls at lunch and we told her yes. (The last time I put money on her lunch account, I did not realize she would be switching schools in a matter of days!) She also made certificates for many friends and labels that said, "I'm not moving; I'm just switching schools. We can still keep in touch" and she included her telephone and email address. I could not believe all of the sweet things her friends did for her Friday - and how tearful they all were. This is truly a knife through my heart, yet I think it may very well be a much better place for Shayla to be - going to school where she lives (a novel idea, hee hee) and to a much bigger school district with many more opportunities and offerings.
These two have been through so much together! I know they will really miss each other! Shayla was only three when Christi was diagnosed with cancer. Caroline babysat for Shayla, dressed up like Scooby Do characters even, took her to the zoo, did fraction math with candy bars, took her trick-or-treating, etc., etc., etc. while we needed to be with Christi.

I will never forget May of 2006 when we were all in Philly together (as Caroline came to help me out with Shayla while Shayne was back home working) and just the two of them were booked on flights out of Philadelphia to fly back home when suddenly Christi got discharged and I called them, delayed at the airport to say, "Come back to the hospital we're all taking an Angel Flight home together TODAY!" (She had been entertaining little Shayla by playing "Catmonopoly" on the floor of the airport.) Caroline is an amazing teacher! She is a gem and I hope we will still see her often! S.E. has such wonderful and hard working teachers and staff. We will all miss those incredible people so very, very much!

Now here's for another great blessing! On Thursday, that sweet girl from Shayla's new class called and invited her to come over on Friday. After Shayla was finished with dinner at the Mill she finally had that play date. (And she had a ball! When Shayne went to pick her up last night and came back home without her he joked, "She's not having any fun at all......she needs her pillow, pjs, and a toothbrush. They invited her to stay overnight and she really wants to." Feeling like we know the wonderful family, we were both totally fine with that so he let her.) I cannot possibly thank her kind parents enough for having their daughter call Shayla like that.

When we went to pick her up before her horse lesson this morning, the sweet mom opened the door saying, "I'm so proud of you on your new job." I could only say, I'm so proud of YOU!" In the midst of raising five young children, she got her doctorate and now is a professor at the university - incredible! She kindly offered to help out when we needed it by having Shayla over. I kept commenting to Shayne last night, "WE should have taken all of the children and given them a break! They probably never get one!" I am still just shocked at their kindness. I'm certain Monday will not be as scary now that Shayla knows another girl in her new class. May God be with Shayla this week and help her transition to the new school.


At 25/4/09 7:50 PM, Anonymous Alyson said...

Go get them Shay! We will all be thinking of you here in Jaffrey and knowing how much they will love you!

Enjoy your fresh start sweetie!

And congratulations Angela! That is one lucky establisment getting a Mrs Thomas! I wish we could have one up here!!

At 26/4/09 7:40 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm so pleased to hear that it went well and that Shayla is still happy with her decision. Do keep us posted on how she settles in the school. It's great that she had a chance to transition to meet some new friends and had a nice time with her new girlfriend - who wouldn't want to get to know more about Shayla?!

At 26/4/09 10:49 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Shayla,

Just wishing you good luck for starting at your new school - although I'm sure that you won't need it. I know tomorrow might still feel a little scary but I've often found that the things in my life that I have loved and enjoyed the most have started out feeling scary too. I'm glad you know another girl in your class and am sure that will help you as you settle into making lots of new friends and in no time at all becoming "shayla" rather than "the new girl". I know that you are a very special girl and that alongside you, you have a very special sister who will be doing all of her angel magic to make sure that you settle in quickly and be happy. Please don't mind too much Shayla if you find my love and prayers alongside those of your family & friends across the worls during this week - maybe you could share a few of them with your mom & dad as I'm sure they might just need a few of them too as they watch you on take a new path on your journey towards becoming a lovely young lady (you're already there though aren't you!). I know that christi will be sending her love to you too & that she will be very proud of her "little sis" - and yes, no doubt also looking forward to lots of fun alongside you in your new school.

Looking forward to hearing all of the new adventures you have in your new school & also with your old friends - as you say Shayla, you aren't moving, just changing schools - that reminded me very much of something your Christi would have said too. I think that christi and your monm & dad are quite rightly very proud of you - as are your friends across the world too!

Sending my love to all of the Thomas Team - Angela, Shayne, Christi & Shayla today & always.

Nicky (Lake District, England)

At 27/4/09 10:03 AM, Blogger Post Pals said...

Hello, I hope Shayla's first day at her new school went well today. I still read here from time to time but haven't left a message for a while.

I wanted to tell you about something strange that happened this week. I run Post Pals ( which sends cards, letters and gifts to seriously ill children. All the kids are in the UK except for Jack who went to the US for treatment, sadly the new drug hasn't worked and the NB is now in his liver. Being based in the UK we can't get as much post to him as we would like.

I went onto the site Etsy (like ebay but mainly handmade things) and saw something I thought Jack would like,to messaged the seller to ask if they would consider donating one/sending one to Jack. She said she would be glad to, and that a family friend had passed away from NB (bet you can see where this is going...!)

I think there are 10's of thousands of people on Etsy if not more, so what an amazing thing to message someone who had the honour of knowing Christi :)

She is certainly one little girl who will never be forgotten.




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