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Friday, May 08, 2009

Music Man

Shay and a friend after the show. She had a ball performing in "The Music Man" last night, but I'm willing to bet we enjoyed watching her even more! (Of course we can't help but wonder if Christi would still love the theatre and if she would have wanted to audition for it too. I tell myself she's cheering Shayla on from a much better place!)

In the little 40 second video clip below, Shayla is wearing a gorgeous blue dress. (Christi's favorite color.) I was shocked to see her in a different dress when the curtain opened. I thought, "That girl looks like Shayla - oh, it is!" Shayla said that was a surprise to her too. She said the costume lady came to her and said, "Your dress looks like an orphan girl dress. You've never complained so how about a pretty dress if you can handle a costume change?" Oh, I think Shayla was all about that. She said she thanked the lady a million times.


At 9/5/09 1:13 PM, Blogger Sheila Ferrell said...

Very sweet, Shayla! Maybe one day I will see your gorgeous self on Broadway. You are a very talented and much loved child of God.
Angela & Shayne,
I will never even pretend to know what these special holidays, or any day, feels like without your precious Christi. I know for her sake you would never wish her to be here without her being healthy and living a painfree life. I can't even imagine how much your heart and arms ache to hold her in your arms and hear her beautiful voice.
It began in great part because of Christi that I am now an advocate for childhood cancer awareness and in finding a cure. I feel that your Christi and all the other courageous children are fighting for their futures as well as for those that are healthy. It was proven once again that you never know when cancer would affect your life when my 4 year old cousin was diagnosed a month ago with soft tissue sarcoma in his right knee.
In honor of Christi, Colin and many, many others children who have battled and won either their place in heaven or more days on this earth, I will live my days supporting, funding or sharing childhood cancer awareness.
I pray that your special little angel will come and give you many kisses while you sleep each night this week.

At 10/5/09 12:54 AM, Blogger Danette said...

Wow! Great dancing Shayla and what a pretty dress. I love the Music Man but I have never seen it as a play, only a movie. I bet it was great. You sure looked like you were having fun!


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