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Friday, April 17, 2009

New Pictures

Shayla was happy to learn, from the new principal, that the elementary school’s mascot is the Mustang. With a smile she responded, “I can live with that.” We decided it was best to let her decide when she would start at the new school so I gave her that option while making peanut butter brownies for my colleagues last night. She stopped mixing, looked perplexed and inquired, “You mean I could start tomorrow if I want to?” I told her, “Yes, anytime between tomorrow and August 24th, your choice.”

While scrap booking with Shayla, I came across some new pictures. My pictures are my most treasured possessions so that brought me great joy. I hope you enjoy them too!

Christi always took a liking to "Rudy". Here she is with Shayla and with one of our former Japanese Teacher Exchange gals, Saiko!
The girls are celebrating my last birthday before Christi was diagnosed (Nov. 2001). I wish we could go back to those glorious days when I didn't really know anything about cancer. Ahhhhh, ignorance is bliss!
Saiko wanted her picture taken with a mailbox. We couldn't really understand why, but here she is with Christi - and the mailbox! Hee hee!
When Christi made her "Make a Wish" trip to Japan in 2003, we were reunited with Saiko (and the beautiful Miyuki and Mika) who really rolled out the red carpet for us. It was simply amazing! We miss those Japanese ladies so much!
(PIC: Christi on a horse while visiting with her grandpa in Kentucky, October 2004)
Shayla was surprised to see this one and she burst out laughing. “Did we really play in the window sill? How did we fit up there?” She remembered how much they loved playing with their plastic animals, but she was surprised to see they played up there. She went on to tell me that they both used to sit side by side in one tree in our yard. Shayla said, “Now, I take up almost the whole branch. We wouldn’t be able to both sit there now, but…..I guess we do because Christi probably floats by and sits on my head!”


At 17/4/09 7:50 PM, Blogger Pat in CA said...

Shayla is amazing....just like Christi was! So when does she start?? :-)

At 17/4/09 10:52 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Here is a trivia question for you, Shayla: in what eco-system do trolls live side by side with tigers?

I love your imagination!!!

At 17/4/09 11:45 PM, Blogger Kristen said...

I absolutely love the new photos! In the one with Saiko and the mailbox Christi's eyes look so blue! And the last one - Shalya sticking her tongue out is priceless. Your girls are both beautiful!!

I continue to think about Christi, little things everywhere remind me of her.

Angela - if you're ever in Charlotte or North Carolina again for a conference or anything, let me know! I'm the one that emailed you the last time you were in Charlotte. :-)

Hope you guys are having a great weekend!

At 19/4/09 10:05 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey! I think i might start the new school soon, like, after test week? How is that? I want to go there because I'll get a new start. But I like being a teacher kid. It rocks your socks!


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