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Monday, June 08, 2009

Dance Recital

This photo, taken at dress rehearsal, was in the newspaper in 2002 advertising the Dance Unlimited dance recital at the Ritz Theatre. Christi had just turned 5.
This is a close up of Christi in that newspaper article. I think she looks precious!

It's hard to believe it's dance recital time already. Shayla will be practicing at the Ritz on stage three afternoons this week in preparations for the recitals this weekend. This time of year continues to be emotionally challenging. It was always such a favorite time of the year, but without Christi, it's sad. On Saturday night we will award the Christi Thomas Memorial Scholarship for the third year. I haven't decided what I will say yet. Each time I sit down to type I end up in tears. Working on the data analysis of my dissertation has been pretty rough. I feel like I'm just spinning my wheels and not making any progress. When I need a break I work on my syllabus for my fall classes; that is fun for me!

Over the weekend, I ran my first 5K (wearing my Alex & Christi's Lemonade Stand shirt) at East Harbor State Park and I met my goal of not having to walk any of it. I came in 2nd in my age division (Yes, that would be the old lady division), but I think that was also last place. I don't know. I was so excited when they called my name and that I "won" a mug I don't know if they called anyone for 3rd place or not.

Shayne got first in his age division, but that was no surprise to me. He's amazing! We enjoyed the weekend with Aunt Marty and Uncle Jeff and it was really fun to all compete in a little run together. I'll continue to jog, even though I don't really enjoy it, and I'll enter another one at the end of the summer because I think it's good for me and this body that doesn't seem to be getting any younger.

Shayla enjoyed the weekend too, working on her 4H Theatre project items (see picture) and also using that Cedar Point pass to go to Cedar Point with her "condo friend" while the adults went to the 5K.(Another "Drama Activity" for her 4H project) I bet you can guess what they are acting out!

RESPONSE TO TARA: The home of the world's largest concentrated population of the Amish & Mennonite people is in Holmes County Ohio. Millersburg, Walnut Creek, Berlin, and Charm are some of the tiny towns that make up this area. Although there are many wonderful places, if you only had ONE place to visit, I'd suggest this one as it would allow you to tour two homes, a farm, a school house and get a buggy ride and baked goods. OK, back to this darn dissertation, ergh! May God be with me because I cannot do it without His help!

I was asked to share more Amish pictures. That's an easy request and puts me in a better mood than dwelling on the fact that Christi's not going to be in this weekend's recital! Here you go:
Walking around before the animal auction started.
Der Dutchman restaurant where we love their Amish cooking!
Lehman's hardware store has it all!
Yes, it's a horse!
Aren't those little Amish guys darling?! Their dad said they were happy to be out of school, just like Shayla on her first day of summer vacation - HAPPY!


At 8/6/09 8:40 PM, Blogger HeatherB said...

Woo Hoo! Congrats to both you and Shayne on amazing 5K finishes! That's AWESOME!! I need Shayne to come down and run with me sometime- he'd get me moving faster. :)

And I LOVE Der Dutchman and Lehman's hardware too- those 2 places are about 30 minutes from where I grew up.

Love to you all,

At 9/6/09 5:02 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jonathan DaDalt went home to be with Jesus. He is now playing with Christi and all the wonderful kids up in heaven that have left us far too soon.

At 11/6/09 5:50 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Angela, I wanted you to know that Jonathan DaDalt lost his courageous battle with cancer on 6/8/09. I would love to talk with you sometime. Our website is Love, Kathy

At 12/5/10 5:47 AM, Anonymous Dissertation Help said...

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