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Thursday, June 11, 2009


OUr deepest sympathy to the family of Jonathan Dadalt who went to be with Jesus a few days ago. He bravely fought the evil beast of neuroblastoma for six years. Christi treated with him at CHOP when things got "very ugly" for her (Winter 2006). I'm willing to bet Christi was there for Jonathan's grand entrance with a special art project and a book to share. My heart breaks for his sweet, sweet mother. Her life will go on, but it will NEVER be the same and she'll always long for her son. Here is his website (or click on "Summertime" above).

Great friends, good times! Jenn (AKA "Elizabeth" and the precioius young man!)
We spent 13 hours traveling to and from COSI and enjoying our time there. It was NOT long enough! I think it really takes 2 days to do it all at COSI.

COSI - always brings up strong memories of what I considered to be one of the best days of my life. The girls and I met Jenn and Traci, while they were working in an exhibit at COSI, just a couple of days before Christi was diagnosed with cancer. I have vivid memories of that day, little did I know these two amazing ladies would become some of our closest and most supportive friends. That day we were going to spend half of it at COSI and the other half at another place they loved - the Columbus Art Museum. They had so much fun they did not want to leave to go to the art museum, so we stayed.
Little did I know the joy they would bring Christi all the rest of her days of life! They traveled to NYC to Philadelphia and to her funeral. I can never repay them for all of the love they've given to us! What sweetie pies!

Afternoon fun outside at the Science Park
Check out the beautiful model on the left - too cool!! "COSI Voted #1 Science Center in the Country by Parents Magazine" (We've known that for years! And it's really because of their staff! Gooooooooo, COSI!)
Shay and I spent nearly 3 hours in the Ancient Egypt exhibit at COSI. It is FABULOUS!
Although my dissertation wasn't even looked at on Tuesday, we enjoyed conducting science experiments in the Gadget Cafe instead. It wasn't until Tuesday night that I started having nighmares about taking the day off from working on it. Yikes! Thankfully, I was able to work most all of the day and night on Wednesday. When I emailed a couple pages of my analysis to my advisor she emailed back, "I like it." That was a huge relief! Now I'm back on a roll, praise God!

We spent this morning at the Biblewalk and early this afternoon at Kingwood Center - both in Mansfield. THen it was back for SHayla's horse lesson followed by recital practice at the Ritz. We are very blessed! I remember days spent in hospitals when I longed to do something "normal". Praise the LOrd!

Shayla with Jesus at the Biblewalk (Ohio's only life-sized was museum, 70 scenes, over 300 wax figures, each scene with music and narriation) in Mansfield, Ohio
Shayla said the Biblewalk was "Very cool!" Actually, we all thought so!
Shayla's grandma and grandpa outside of the King Mansion (Mansfield, Ohio)Goofing around in the greenhouse at Kingwood Center, a 47 acre display garden and cultural center, origionally the private estate of Charles King.

Shay with a baby, baby duck!
A lovely day spent in Mansfield, Ohio.

CT in Forth Worth Texas, July 2002 - about 8 weeks before being diagnosed with cancer. Go, little cowgirl!
Christi, at Children's Columbus Hospital, after about a 16 day stay - ready to be discharged to go home (and to lose all that pretty blonde hair).

Photo for the Kings: I think this was our last race together, May 1998. Remember the canoe, hike with a percentage of your body weight (Thanks Shayne for carrying mine too - you're really sweet and then the ending of the killer bike ride. I'm so glad Christi did it with us. Look at how small she was in the picture!)


At 11/6/09 8:37 PM, Blogger HeatherB said...

Looks like fun!! Next time we must Get together! My whole family loves Mansfield we often meet there as it half way between my parents home and mine! :)

Love you!


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