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Thursday, May 06, 2010


As I finish up my spring semester grades and get them posted through BGSU's system, Shayne is serving as a chaperone for Shayla's "Outdoor Education" experience. Tomorrow will be my day to be the chaperone. (Trust me, I'd rather conduct literature circles with the fifth graders, but most likely I'll be helping to build shelters out of tree bark or something - oh my! May God be with me.) Seriously, I know how very lucky I am to have such a healthy and happy little gal. It's hard to believe she's finishing fifth grade - the grade Christi just started before her chapter of life came to a crashing halt. Even though she never got to go to Outdoor Ed, I am certain she would have LOVED that aspect of school too!

Shay's 5th grade Science Project

Music Program Scrapbook Page

Family Dinner! They're back!!

Shayla with her two grandmas: her "middle name" namesakes HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY TO OUR AWESOME MOMs and to Shay's awesome grandmoms!


At 7/5/10 4:14 AM, Blogger Amy said...

Have a wonderful day with Shayla!
I'm so happy for you to have your Mom & Joe back...what a wonderful gift to you!
As bittersweet as I'm sure it is for you, I pray that you have a very Happy and Blessed Mother's Day!


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