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Thursday, August 05, 2010

State Fair Sewing - 4H

After an incredibly short trip to my sister and her husband's home, so that Shayla could visit with her cousins and get all of her school shopping started and finished, we returned just in time for Shayla to represent her county with her sewing project at the state fair. Shayla's Godmother (and my Godmother, aunt Marty) made the trip with us and I'm so glad she did. It was wonderful to spend time with her and we all had a ball after the morning judging session and style show were finished.

When Shayla's name was called for making the Top 20% "Outstanding of the Day", I screamed. I really couldn't believe it. (Sorry, Shayla! I must be sooooo embarassing.)

Our thanks to one of her awesome 4H advisers, and one of my former colleagues, for teaching her how to sew. Shay Shay already has ideas for next year. My gratitude to all of the wonderful 4H volunteers who make so many amazing things happen for these kids and their families - THANK YOU!

Walking (or should I say "floating") off of the stage with her Top 20% ribbon.

Her 10 minute interview with the judge went very well she said. "She didn't even look at one page of my book though." You never know what the judge may ask or want to see. Too funny!

Shayla and her Great Aunt Marty enjoying the fair.

Riding the Chair Lift over the midway at the state fair. We all three agreed, "We've always wanted to do that." It was definitely a highlight!

I hope the Christi Thomas Family Night at the Seneca East Public Library was a success!


At 7/8/10 5:36 AM, Blogger Amy K said...

Congratulations Shayla! You've certainly had a wonderful fair season!
The picture of you two embracing is one to be cherished - it's awesome!

At 11/8/10 6:20 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

What a sweet photo that is of you and Shayla hugging! I'm so glad Aunt Marty was able to share in the fun at the fair!
Enjoy the remaining days of your summer Shay!


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