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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Ritz Camp in Review

Ritz Camp 2010 (Part: Grumpy Villager. Play "Treasure Island")
It's hard to believe, but we really think she enjoyed Ritz camp this year even more than she did in any previous year. We were happy to sponsor a "needy child" to attend camp in Christi's memory again this year. It was nice of the Ritz to recognize and remember Christi. Oh, how she LOVED Ritz Theatre Camp! THANK YOU!
We were happy our parents could attend and watch Shayla on stage with us!

Shayla enjoyed meeting and working with new friends at camp.

In the midst of Ritz Camp and Poker Run Weekend, we also squeezed in a weekend of local camping. We were going to be camping with friends, but they needed to cancel at the last minute. Since we already have our camper out there, we decided to continue anyway. Shayne cooked amazing food, I got a ton of reading done and Shayla really enjoyed the campground and camping with a friend. This week she's off to yet another camp - and really enjoying it too!


At 30/6/10 4:35 AM, Blogger Amy said...

Shayla has grown up so much this summer already. She's such a beautiful young lady, and talented! I know how proud you are of her, and rightfully so. She's going to keep you busy with all of her God-given gifts.
Congratulations on another successful Poker Run...what an honor to such a precious girl! Thank you for sharing, and letting us "get to know all of you" through this blog.
Many, many blessings to the Thomas Team!

At 2/7/10 10:33 AM, Blogger Carrigan Family said...

So glad you all are having a wonderful summer - we are having a good summer as well, but I do find myself wondering about those lazy days of summer :). Nothing lazy going on around here. Just wanted you to know that you and your sweet Christi are never far from my heart or mind. As I read about the grave marker all I can do is shake my head - no mother should ever have that on her "to do" list ........... I know you miss that girl terribly.

What a beauty Shayla is becoming - so grown up and amazing.

Prayers continue for your precious family,
Mary Lee Carrigan
Gallatin, TN

At 7/7/10 12:15 AM, Blogger sheila said...

Angela,I have been reading your blog since before Christi died and have never commented before. It's been fun to read your stories and see her pictures. It sounds like she touched so many lives in her time here on earth. And I got brave enough to sign in today to comment on your wonderful Shayla. What a talented girl and when I see her pictures all I can think is, "Stunningly beautiful". What a combination-talent, caring, smart and gorgeous to boot! Your family is blessed to have each other, and someday you will all be together again, for eternity!

At 10/7/10 7:42 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Thomas team,

I hope you are enjoying your summer holidays? I miss your posts and so hope all is ok -and that you are all so busy having fun and that is why the blog has not been updated?!

Thinking of you all, wishing you a fun filled, joyous summer x


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