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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Trick or Treat Night 2010

Grandma Donna was up for the annual trick or treat night festivities. Actually, we were just glad Shayla still wanted to go because we get such a big kick out of walking around her neighborhood seeing the darling kids and their costumes and visiting with all of the adults for a couple of hours. It was cold, but wonderful!

I took Christi's "pumpkin basket" filled with chocolate bars to my classes and passed it around for my "poor college students" thinking Christi would somehow be with us in Halloween Spirit that way. (Plus, I just can't think of parting with her pumpkin basket.) Shayla decided she was too old for that this year and instead took one of her favorite pillow cases - one given to Christi that she really likes (purple & horses).

Shayla wanted to go with a friend. Shayne took them to buy costumes one night this week. They decided to be "Flapper Girls" (I thought we had enough dance recital costumes in the basement, but I decided somethings it's just best to keep my mouth shut over so I just smiled and nodded and kept on grading papers.)
Shayla had a ball trick or treating with her friend. Grandma and I did too! Oh, how I remember Christi LOVING trick or treat night!


At 1/11/10 10:08 AM, Blogger Sammie Ryan said...

So glad you had a great night trick or treating. I used to love going when my son was younger..but all too soon they tell you they are too old to go anymore.

So enjoy every moment.
And i have to say , Shayla looked gorgeous.

Take care.

Love Sam (Ireland)xx

At 2/11/10 2:25 PM, Anonymous arpil bailey said...

Oh I need your email address - want to send you and Shayla a picture of a little girl dressed as a flapper! It is so cute!! I was helping my husband out at his job (police officer) give out candy last week and just had to take her picture!

My email is



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