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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Falcon Game in the Big House

When I brought home the BGSU Football schedule and Shayne saw that the falcons would be playing the University of Michigan in the Big House he wanted me to get tickets. I did! Knowing Shayla would want to take a friend, I got four. I don't need to report the final score of the game, but at halftime BG was only down by about six points. (We left in the third quarter, no need to say why, hee hee.) It was also really neat to get to watch one of my students march with the band. The BGSU band is falcon awesome!

BGSU's President attended the BGSU Alumni Tailgate party with us, on the golft course, across from Michigan Stadium. After having season tickets to the Buckeyes for the past three years, this was really a refreshing break! It was wonderful to see how another Big Ten school embraces their football.

Here we are in the Big House, about an hour before the game started. We had an amazing Saturday in Michigan and then went to the home of Christi's chemo angel (Chris) to visit with her and her family (and to watch the Ohio State game). They are so sweet! It's really odd how Christi brought so many new friends into our lives, amazing people we never would have met without her. Thank you, sweet Christi!


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