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Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas 2011

Emotionally, it's been a very difficult couple of days. We were blessed to have a party for some high school friends one night last week. We enjoyed visiting with other awesome high school friends after mass last night and today we enjoyed going to see War Horse. I read the book on my nook on Friday and I must say the book was better but the movie was very good too. This is my first attempt at posting via my new iPad from Santa. Shayla was thrilled and very surprised about getting a bow and arrow. Lookout Katness from "the Hunger Games"! She also enjoyed the many clothes and other "girly things" she received. I hope you had a wonderful and blessed Christmas. We sure miss our giggling little Christi, but we are going to be just fine. Happy birthday to Jesus! I bet the party in Heaven is beyond anything we can possibly imagine! Pic. Christi's last Christmas and sitting on my dad's lap when he played Santa for my nieces


At 27/12/11 6:34 PM, Anonymous brooke r., in logan said...

Angela -
God bless you! My heart and prayers are with you through the holiday season. I'm also glad to read that I'm not the only one continuing to struggle with grief. This year my father's absence hit big time. You can read Vickie's advice to me on her website "An open letter to a grieving friend."

I'm fearing that as I move forward to graduation my grief will become more so, because my dad was SUPPOSED to be here to see me get my PhD and hood me with my mother (all 4 of my parents - 2 steps, 2 not-steps - have their PhDs, my mother in Ed. Research, me in Ed Technology). Instead, God willing the mail doesn't loose it, I'll be wearing Dad's regalia, and my mom and I will wear necklaces with his picture on it. It's not a good substitute, but it'll have to do. *sigh*

But I look at you, Vickie, and others for inspiration and motivation. What you all are able to accomplish in the face of grief is an inspiration. I can finish this dissertation, I can find a job, I can become the person I was meant to be even if Dad isn't here. Just like you did without your Dad AND your precious Christi!

I'll shut up now. I need to write.


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