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Monday, June 18, 2012

2012 Dance Recital

(Pic: Math / Science camp end of camp service) Just a little update: Summer is flying by! I thought I’d better share a few dance recital pictures from last weekend. It was bittersweet of course, but oh so lovely! We took Shayla straight from her recital Sunday afternoon down to the prestigious Denison University in Granville. She was selected to attend a math/science camp for high achieving 7th and 8th grade girls for the week. Despite our nightly “date nights” we missed her terribly. We posed a few silly pictures (doing some of her favorite things we would NEVER do such as jumping on her trampoline, reading Harry Pottery and playing in the creek) and I sent them to her. She loved them! When I first saw her on Friday afternoon, I had to choke back tears, it was fabulous to see her again! We talked nonstop the entire 2 ½ hours home. Prior to the recital weekend, we took her and some friends to Columbus to a “Foster the People” concert. We told her if she scored over a 100% in World History, we would buy six concert tickets so off we went. (Little did I realize it would be a bit of an education for the girls who said after the concert, “Mrs. Thomas, what was that smell?” Oh my! Life can make you grow up too quickly!) Congrats to Christi & Shayla's cousin on her high school graduation. Shayla has also been keeping us busy with her boy (She's riding Desperado this year.) and her sewing lessons. Thank God for Shayla richly blessing our lives! Another busy week is here and for that we are more grateful! Here’s wishing you and yours a fabulous one! Be well! Angela ref="" imageanchor="1" style="clear:left; float:left;margin-right:1em; margin-bottom:1em">


At 21/6/12 8:18 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh Thomas family, I understand your missing Christi but God has surely blessed you with Shayla. Sometimes we don't understand God taking Christi but we are all left here having gained so much from that girls life! God took my mother when I was only 21 and 50 years later I still miss here so much but know she is in a better place. Stay strong and continue to enjoy your life. Shayla just continues to brighten your days!! Lovely young lady!!


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