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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Wednesday's State Teen Pageant

 Shayla did not win the state pageant, but for it only being her second pageant ever we were so pleased with her performance!  I told her I just wanted a nice girl to win and she's assured me that the winner - a 17 year old singer, is very nice!  God is good!  She was a bit disappointed at the end of the evening, but soon perked up and claims with another year of dancing, she'll be better next year.

Opening Number Dancing - Shayla on right (straight hair)

Opening Number Dance

Ten percent of the competition - the fitness routine

Yes, she nailed that push up!  Sooooo proud of her!

Shayla really worked hard on fitness this year! 

The stage was much shorter than we expected so she had to make some modifications to her routine at the last minute.
Her tribute dance to Christi was lovely, if I might say so myself!

Doing a lyrical ballet en pointe to "Angel"  - 35% of the score

"Continue to be my guardian angel, Christi, until we dance together again"

I know Christi was with her on that stage!  Love you, Christi!

She bobbled her question on what is the most difficult part of raising money for childhood cancer research, but I was still very proud of her!  I know I could not have done as well!  She got the hardest question of all the teens I believe.  And how do you say that most cancer organizations do not help CHILDREN'S cancer much without insulting them?!  I guess you don't, and maybe she shouldn't have on stage, HOWEVER, most people don't know those organizations typically give less than 4% of what they collect to helping CHILDREN's cancer.  That's why if you really want to help childhood cancer, than you should give to an organization that helps children.

Evening Gown and On Stage Question - 20% of the Score

Shayla in her Tony Bowls periwinkle gown, pretty, pretty dress!


At 26/6/13 9:23 PM, Blogger Holly said...

SHAYLA! I would SO vote for you!!!!

Great job, and you looked so beautiful! Where have the years gone? Seems like only yesterday......



At 27/6/13 11:35 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have never commented before, but found your blog in 2006 and have followed ever since. My sister has a severe genetic illness and I think I've always had a soft spot for Shayla as the sister. Seeing these pictures, I cannot believe how grown up she is and how poised, mature, and beautiful she has become. Thanks for continuing to share with us! :)

At 30/6/13 7:00 AM, Blogger Love Being A Nonny said...

Beautiful Shayla!


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