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Saturday, January 28, 2006

Power of Prayer

The little "bumps" are gone for today. How about that for the power of prayer?! Will they be back tomorrow? Who knows, but for today - we celebrate! (Unfortunately, the larger one right on top of her skull is still there, but it's not huge and she hasn't had a headache since Friday morning.)

Christi continues to feel very well and that makes the rest of the Thomas team feel great too!! Being blessed with such fabulous weather, the girls jump roped and rode their bikes outside. (Yes, that is Buttercup riding in the Burly trailer!) As Christi raced down the driveway without a jacket, in just a yellow sweatshirt (in January!!) it reminded me of another cancer fighter - only that one wore a yellow jersey. And you haven't witnessed anything until you've seen Shayne hopscotch!! What a great dad, what a great day! Speaking about her awesome Daddy, today Christi also created pottery with Shayne and the girls put on a darling puppet show for us.

I booked our flights to Philadephia this morning. My friend since kindergarten, Shari, will be going with me which will be great emotional support. When Christi was about 3 or 4 she used to have us call her "Christi Depinet" because she loved their family so much she wanted to be a Depinet too! (Always cracked us up!)

I'll pick up Shari about 4:30 AM on Tuesday and I should bring her back home no later than 11:00 PM on Wednesday night - that will allow Christi & I to return to school on Thursday morning. (Wouldn't want her to miss any more school than necessary! Christi loves being there and goes every day she possibly can - not too shabby for being terminal!) Christi will be examined by Dr. Maris, have blood work, her isotope injection and the dreaded MIBG scan on Wednesday. Her face is still puffy - while silly for sure, I'm still hopeful it's from her treatment over two weeks ago and her one eye still isn't "right".


At 28/1/06 8:58 PM, Blogger California Friend said...

Ok everyone, if our prayers so far have made the little bumps vanish, let's step it up & try for the big one!! What do you say?? I'm starting here in California......

Have a safe trip; we'll all be waiting for the news, which will hopefully be good!!

By the way Angela, I hope you had the camera ready to get some pics of Shane playing hopscotch!! :-)

Pat in CA

At 28/1/06 9:49 PM, Anonymous Ronit said...

well, now let the big bunp follow the small ones! BE GONE!

Glad you're enjoying good weather.

Have a safe trip, praying for good news.

At 28/1/06 10:38 PM, Anonymous Colleen M. Kashino said...

Isn't that amazing! Thanks for sharing this news so quickly. I will get back to work praying (in PA, but also in NY).

Go guys, go!

With Love,

Colleen Kashino

At 28/1/06 11:06 PM, Blogger Anna said...

Check out that smile! Although Buttercup doesn't look all to thrilled in that pic :)

Wow the power of prayer for this little girl, hope that big lump goes away.

For safe travels and good scans.


At 28/1/06 11:12 PM, Anonymous Fatchick said...

Hey there...just stumbled on this blog. I too rode a bike around today, and had my 4 year old in the Burley trailer.

Just wanted to wish you well, and I hope it is nothing serious. I will think of Christi the next time I take my daughters out for a bike ride.

At 28/1/06 11:40 PM, Blogger Jennifer said...

I have to agree with the california friend up there...lots and lots more prayers!

I LOVED the weather today too.

Depinet...relation to Justin?

See you tomorrow!

At 29/1/06 12:22 AM, Anonymous Rachel (from KY) said...

You were in my thoughts and prayers all day today, and you'll be there tomorrow too. And I'm sure you'll be there everyday this week as you make your way to Philly.

There are so many people praying for you, for your family. And we'll be right here waiting, still praying when you get back! Stay strong... and know that you are loved!

God bless!

At 29/1/06 8:23 AM, Blogger HeatherB said...

What a GORGEOUS picture of Christi!! :) Praise God that the smaller bumps are gone- praying hard for the same to soon be true of the larger one as well.

I'm so glad you have Shari to go with you to Philly.

Praying always!!

Loads of Love, tons of prayers,


At 29/1/06 11:22 AM, Blogger The Farrell Family said...

Dear Thomas Family ---

The power of prayer is truly amazing!!! We continue to pray for the larger bump to go away and for Christi to continue to have wonderful days!!! We prayed for Christi, while we were at Children's mass today (the last Sunday of the month is always Children's liturgy, instead of CCD). Enjoy the rest of the weekend together. We will pray extra hard for your trip this week. God bless you all!

Love -
Rob, Amy, Emily, and Ryan Farrell

At 29/1/06 11:30 AM, Anonymous Linda & Pat said...

Hello Thomas Family,

What a great picture of Christi riding her bike.. warms our hearts.

So happy to read that Christi is doing better and that your family had a wonderful day.

Christi and your family continues to be in our thoughts and prayers.

At 29/1/06 1:09 PM, Anonymous Eliza, san fran said...

This new Blog page brings your news so much more immediately that I feel what you must be going through that much more.

Holding Christi in a bubble of light and protection and always always seeing her cure.


At 29/1/06 11:23 PM, Anonymous Colleen - Kaitlyn's mum said...

Dear Christi
I adore that picture of you on your bike along with your feline friend.
Kaitlyn thought your picture was great, thank goodness my Little Kaitlyn cannot ride a bike yet or I would think she'd be dragging along the neighbourhood pets too!!
We're hoping and praying your new lumps go away sweet girl.
Love to you
Colleen and Kaitlyn


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