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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Bunny Trails & Pointe Shoes

While I had hoped to learn something new and to put these skating pictures on "Photobucket" as my friend Dawn suggested, Shayne took more photos of the back of Shayla than the front so that new learning experience must wait until another event. (She'll need to stop skating and pose for the camera next time, hee hee!)

No deer last night driving home from class, just one lone rabbit (faster than the deer I might add! Whew!). I was quite surprised that a couple of my students noticed my smashed van front and inquired. I carefully explained I did not hit the deer on purpose, it ran out in front of me and I'm still traumatized from the event (wink). Lively classroom discourse over that topic! (Just wish I could have come up with it from a different context.) Regardless, I will in future years have students write about their own "hitting deer" incidents as hands when flying up to tell me of their various encounters. Only in rural Ohio - I guess!

Although this probably sounds horrible, I was so glad to be in Columbus last night, while typically I long to see Shayla's ballet class. Last night; however, was the first wearing of Shayla's class on pointe shoes at ballet. It is one of my favorite "all time great Christi memories" and I don't think I could have, nearly two years to the day, made it through dance with composure!! I must have taken 80 pictures of Christi dancing that night, feeling so proud to finally get those shoes, if only to wear them for 15 minutes. I had also received her LDH (tumor activity) level, drawn at the local hospital before class, and that skyrocket was a wake up call to "shoot away, time is ticking". Shayne snapped some of Shayla for me and she told me all about it last night when I returned home from driving down the bunny trail.

Christi Dance Pictures (Jan. 24, 2006 - age 8)


At 16/1/08 8:38 AM, Blogger Olivia said...

Shayla, your many talents are so amazing! I never managed to be able to stand on skates let alone do any spinning! And, I took ballet for a few years, but definitely never made it to the pointe shoes. Congrats on all of your achievements. :o)

Glad to hear there were no more deer, Angela.

Thinking of you all during these cold days.

Much love,

At 16/1/08 10:53 AM, Blogger Sarah said...

Rural Wisconsin has its fair share of deer accidents. My mom has hit 2 and my dad 1.


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