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Tuesday, January 15, 2008


PICTURE: My cousin Aaron and Tricia holding baby Christi, May 1997

My sweet cousin watched Shayla while I was on campus last night. Much to my surprise she even remembered, Shayla asked Tricia to teach her how to do that thing she was teaching Christi how to do (crocheting). When I arrived to pick her up, she had made many chains with beautiful Tricia's guidance. It's amazing to me that Shayla is almost "9" that age of Christi's forever etched in my mind.

Despite hitting a deer on our way home, once at home things improved and Shayla is convinced that Christi was helping the deer that jumped out in front of my van. Shayla immediately asked me to please find Christi's sewing purse because she had seen it in Christi's room. As soon as I handed it to her I heard, "Wow!" It was stuffed full of yarn, crocheting needles, and other sewing items. I cut off the final "chain" Christi was working on, knotted it off and put it in a plastic bag to keep. Shayla is really happy! Hopefully, tonight I'll have been luck driving home from Columbus and Christi will keep all of the animals out of my way!


At 15/1/08 9:29 AM, Blogger Olivia said...

Angela, as always, I love all of the pictures you share here.

Shayla is growing so much and I'm also always remembering that it's nearly her 9th birthday. It must be so hard. When my brother passed away at 14, turning 14 3 years later was incredibly difficult and had me thinking so many questions, some of with which I still struggle.

Please know you are all in my thoughts and prayers every day.

I have no doubt that Christi is nursing the deer back to health, and will be keeping other energetic animals out of the roads too.


At 15/1/08 7:09 PM, Blogger rainberry said...

That's neat that Shayla learned how to crochet!

At 15/1/08 7:13 PM, Blogger Kimberly said...

I hit a chicken the other day. He was just trying to corss the road to get to the other side. I am totally serious. It my rearview mirror all I saw was a poof of feathers. The first animal I ever hit. It came out of no where and I was pretty upset. Can't imagine hiting Bambi though. That must have really been rough. I am sure Chrisit has nursed it back to health and has already hung bells around its neck for next Christmas.


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