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Monday, December 31, 2007

Thaaaaank You!

I thought it only appropriate on this post, about technology, to put up Christi sitting IN our computer console. After Shayne put our computer area together, we thought it'd be funny years down the road to show her she fit where our printer sits! I never even thought to show her this, years later, but I know she would have laughed and laughed, realizing how little she was! (The outfit she is wearing was a gift from her great grandma gear; I loved that too!)

Since we are in the midst of reading, "Shiloh", I'll say we are as happy as a flea on a dog!!! Thank you so very much for sharing your Ipod wisdom and expertise! I tell my students all the time to be careful on the Internet there are kooks out there, but I can only shake my head and think of God's goodness being shared through His people! THANKS! (I can't exactly say I've figured it all out yet, but we just returned from the library and I'm soon to get to work again.) We have some travels ahead so I'll hopefully get it figured out soon! (I keep thinking if Christi were here, I'd just sit back and watch her do this. An Ipod would have been fabulous for her treatment and travel days. Shayla is very blessed to have this.)

Karen, Allie & Carly: My emails to you keep "bouncing back" to me. I'm sorry!

SWEET FIND: On my computer, we had a little piano song Christi had composed and one of our "Rally Friends" sent it to us. When I asked Shayla if she wanted Christi's song on her Ipod she said, "Oh, yes!" While messing around with the iTunes items, I clicked on "movies". Much to my surprise and delight, video clips of Christi started playing. I yelled for Shayne and Shayla and we watched many little videos. I still don't know how that happened; I had never seen them before. One of Dec. of 2005 when Christi played the piano while her great uncle Steve played his guitar, another was just four days before her death, frail, yet teasing her exhausted father by sitting up tossing a stuffed animal at him and falling back over. (Shayla thought that was a riot!!)

MULTI-TASKING HUMOR: I am in the midst of applying for a doctoral fellowship. (Quite the process; however, if I get it it'd be TREMENDOUS!) Anyway, one of my four supporters who wrote letters of recommendation for me said that I was fabulous at multi-tasking so now I'm sitting here laughing about that! I fixed Shayla a little mini-pizza for her lunch. While I was sitting beside her eating my orange, she sweetly said, "Next time, if we have some, could you please put pizza sauce on my pizza?" My eyes must have bulged as I quickly looked over to the counter and sure enough there sat the pizza sauce! Oops! I suggested that I slice her pizza into strips and she could dip them in the sauce. She loved it! Too funny!

Christi with my grandma Falter on Christmas day (1997). Grandma told me on Christmas day that she still prays a rosary for our family every day. (Grandma is almost 90 now!) What a blessing!
Christi's First Christmas (1997) With her Great Grandma and Grandpa (deceased now) Gear. This morning, I mailed Christi's hand lotion, from "The Body Shop", to Shayne's grandma. It worked miraculously for Christi's dry skin. (We just wished it wouldn't have taken us years to discover it.) I hope it helps grandma! Christi would like that!

Christi with her Great Aunt Marty


At 31/12/07 11:42 AM, Anonymous micaela said...

How crazy is that? That you found a bunch of random video clips that you had never seen before. That was probably Christi's doing (weather she was fiddling with the camera trying to save them or she sent them from heaven is a good question though. Hehe!) Could you possibly post them on here? Or can you not find them again? He!

Glad you figured out how to work Shayla's ipod. Hmm... I don't even have an ipod, and I'm 5 years older than her... well, at least Shayla not asking for a cell phone yet!


At 31/12/07 12:29 PM, Blogger Olivia said...

Finding those videos of Christi must have been such a sweet blessing. She is, no doubt, looking out for you. I absolutely love the pictures you've posted here. But then again, I always love your amazing pictures! The one of Christi in the computer is too too cute.

I am glad Shayla is enjoying her ipod. I recently "caved" and got one myself. It's a lot of fun and I am enjoying learning all about it. :o)

Thinking of you all today and sending loads of love,

At 1/1/08 12:37 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Have a new year" Angela, Shayne and Shayla. I found that way of saying it through another angel's site and feel it's very fitting as I know it'll be hard without Christi physically by your side. I pray this year will be a little more bearable for you all. Love and miss you Christi!

At 1/1/08 2:26 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just wanted to leave you a comment - and let you know - that my 3 kids and myself check your blog DAILY (ok, split custody, sometimes only myself). But, needless to say, YOUR SPECIAL CHRISTI has opened windows to my children - ages 9, 5 and 4 - they wanted their gifts DONATED this year! While not every grandparent agreed with this, we have had a good (great) outpouring! And, I just wanted to mention, that my 4-going on 13 (please, help me) boy believes that Shayla is his "true love"!

Best wishes and prayers!

At 1/1/08 8:24 PM, Blogger Kimberly said...

Too Cute!I am sure she would have loved this picture!Thanks for posting it!


At 4/1/08 2:28 AM, Anonymous Pipe said...

Hello there... I know you've never received a comment from me but here it is.. Jenny told me I can send a message to Shayla, so here it is....

Shayla I think you are a wonderful young lady and you have the best angel watching over you! I would've love to meet your sister but unfortunately I didn't but I know I will someday in Heaven.

With much love,


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